March 21,2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

A beautiful good morning to ya'll! So pretty this morning, the wind has died down and loads of sunshine. About 48* this morning. Patty, awww, babies all over :-)! Dori, how is your husband today? I hope he is feeling better. Jewel, thanks for the info. MaryE-I am jealous with all that riding you've been doing.
Hopefully I'll get lots done outside today. I need to work on my gardens, both flower and veggies. Today the weather should be much more nicer than yesterday. After I reported in yesterday the weather slowly got ugly. Hang in there my northern friends, spring is here! Blessings, Lisa

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Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Patty, I remember sticker picker! I wish he would drop on in. I don't know where Horseshoe is...he used to post on a regular basis. I hope he is okay..Yes, I do wish they all were here with us. I am glad KJo is here now. I wonder how Wendy is? Vicki still posts once and awhile. She is IGTacres. (i think) Good memories, huh, Lisa

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Good morning all,

Been out for a week or so - too much going on! Trying to get organized again.

Weather is beautiful, 50 degrees and hopefully up to 70 today. Can walk in the yard again with bogging up over shoes. Have had more rain in Mar than we had all last year.

Azaleas and dogwoods are blooming - everything is so pretty! If the north wind would just go away, lol.

We to the nursery festival last Sat and heard some really great hort. lectures.

Have a blessed day,

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning all,
its around 34 this a.m. and going to be in the 50's today! Everything was covered in morning frost and it was foggy!
Hubby is feeling better-still a lil sore I guess! Im goint to be planting my sweetpeas and anything else I can get in the ground today.
hubby wants me to stop by work-one of the guys will be bringing in his nascar collection(4sale)and he has Jr. and some Sr. stuff...I dont need to go-just buy it all! ;] lol
I dont know how you all can keep up with all the livestock-we only have 2 dogs n 2 cats and thats enough! I have a hard time just keeping up with my 5 boys-4 one flew the nest! *sniff*
Grits welcome back! The temps sound wonderful there-things are dried up enough I can walk on TOP of the dirt here now!
More snow or whatever for thursday night-I hope not!
Im going to try to get out there as soon as possible.
Have a great day,

southeast, NE

Good morning! Patty - yes we're done lambing - in fact we should have one group of lambs already weaned. This is a sore subject for me this a.m. and I'm a little perterbed at my dh. I told him last week lets get those lambs weaned and get some help to come and help us, plus our dd was home on spring break. Well he put it off and this a.m. I found a dead lamb - long story but it got caught in bunk line and was smothered by other ewes. I know dh feels bad - I think this winter he is finally realizing that we have to start cutting back - just can't handle everything. (LOL about you being the "Clampets" - we've had a few animals in our house at times.)

One of our calves that was born two weeks ago had been pretty chilled and weak so we gave it a bottle of colustrom one time. It perked her right up and she started nursing off mom. It's so funny because this calf will still come running up to me and suck off my gloves. Her mom moos at me to get away from her.

Better go - lots to do again today - wish I could get at least 1/2 caught up!

(Zone 5a)

Rain, snow, sleet you name it, we're havin it. Patty speaking of Clampets I call my Explorer the clampetmobile. Funny story; DH and I went to a convention in Columbus,OH last Feb., stayed at the Hyatt Regency connected to the convention center (fancy) that was our first experience with valet parking and boy was I embarrassed. Our road here is 1/2 mile of red clay with very little gravel and needless to say in Feb is very muddy and sometimes 4-wheel drive only, my expl. had mud spattered all the way up to the roof, it was raining the day we left so no use washing it. Everytime we had the valets get our truck I would say here comes the clampetmobile and hang my head! LOL The inside is never much better since I haul everything from dog and goat feed to fencing to straw, and even goats in a dog carrier!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi Lana, nice to meet you! I hope you join in with us. Lisa

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Good morning everyone, it's officially spring!!!!! I have been waiting all winter to start working in my yard, and wouldnt you know it, I am so out of shape, one full day of working outside and my body was sore and aching all over, next day went out again and it just got worse, today is third day that I will be out all day long, and I think I'm in shape now - lol - hoping so anyway.
We are supposed to have nice sunny skies and temps in the 60's - soooooo much to do and not enough hours in the day, I mean it, I go out around 9, come in for a bite to eat around noon (surprising how famished I get) then back out till I see my hubby drive up around 5 - then I have to reluctantly quit and go inside and start on dinner and cleaning up inside....the other day I was making something for dinner that needed to simmer, well I forgot it, when I realised, I had dirt all over my hands, but didnt want to wash my hands cause i knew i had to at least stir the pot, well yes, you guessed it, a whole bunch of dirt flaked into the pot - didnt tell a soul, and no one was the - I still get a chuckle out of that one, how I made my family eat dirt.....well, I really didnt think it would hurt anyone..and it didnt.
I am having a lot of fun playing in the dirt, although, there is a lot of weeding going on, it always amazes me how cherished plants can die, wither away but those weeds thrive...and I mean thrive.......
I lost almost all my flats of seedlings that I had started indoors, that darned cat ate almost every single and I mean every single seedling..bad cat - bad cat - bad cat - the only ones that survived are the ones in my bathtub, and only cause I practically lock the door to my room so he cant get in. I really need a greenhouse. I think once I go back to work (april 1) I am going to start saving some money just for this, my greenhouse fund...

Well, that's it for now, the yard and garden are waiting for me.

Hope you all have a productive day getting your hands dirty in your favorite flower/vegetable bed


(Zone 5a)

Hey Pebble, try growing bad kitty some oat grass, he can have his own container of eating greens :~)

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Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Lana, I did get some seed for oat grass just yesterday, this is what I'm wondering though: will he know enough to leave my plants alone and just stick to his?

(Zone 5a)

Pebble, perhaps he'll get full of the oat grass or it will fill his dietary need and he'll leave the others alone. Maybe he has a favorite place he sits that is plant friendly. I have wide window sills where the cats sit and I will put a pot in the bedroom window (since I have MY plants in the living room window) so they have easy access. Hope it works for you :~)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Tho it's late I thought I would post anyhow. We had a very busy day today and got a lot done outside. It was a beautiful day, sunny, no wind, and probably about 60*. We went to town and got some vaccine for the horses, had lunch and ran into my sister who had to come to town for some milk replacer for a calf. Hubby is running the pasture harrow to break up the manure piles in the pastures, flatten out the mole hills and the badger digging mounds, and make little depressions for the irrigation water. He also brought home the head gate from the irrigation ditch and repaired it, then we took it back and reinstalled it in the flume. We also moved several bucket loads of old hay and manure to the growing compost pile, which is getting very big. I watered it down good and we will add some more tomorrow. The horses were caught and given their shots, 2 for each horse, and then suddenly it was time to feed them and come in to fix supper. And now it is time for me to get some sleep, 12:30 am comes very early and I don't sleep well when I get back to bed after checking for lambs and being out in the cold air for an hour or more. So much to do, and it all needs to be done at once! that's the nature of spring.

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