March 22nd, 2001

Morning all! Yesterday I went out and made my rounds to the nurseries in West Knoxville, and met some interesting people. At one nursery (best location, Kingston Pike in Farragut - nice part of town on a busy street) I chatted with a lady who was out back potting up plants. It turns out she's the owner's mother. We chatted for about half an hour, and she gave me an arm full of 3" peat pots, seed starting trays, hanging baskets, and other container goodies! I was tickled pink.

Went to Wal-Mart and found they had 5.5 cu ft of peat moss for $10 - seemed like a good deal to me. I met a guy who asked if I wanted to buy straw from him, and I turned around and asked him if he wanted to buy straw from me, cause I've got a barn full of it and no cows to eat it!! He said that I didn't look like a farmer! The nerve!! ;-)


Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

LOL, Dave! I'll bet you forgot to wear your overalls yesterday didn't you? ;)


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hey folks! Good morning. Yesterday was so pretty here and the weather man just said it was going to be prettier today! YIPEE! I managed to plant 96 'mator plants yesterday. I should get the rest planted today. You folks up north--I wish I could send you guys some of this weather. It is to pretty to keep for myself :-)
EvaMae, how is your turkey doing?
Dave, maybe next time you go into town you should wear your overalls like Pete said and don't forget you black mud boots..and oh yes, that cap you were wearing on the tractor picture! ha, ha, Have a great day all! Blessings, LIsa

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Morning has broken....The sun is up and melting the frosty ground. High today 50-with the mess showing up tonight-snow,ice or rain! &^#@%#%@)@@ I planted & potted 20 hydrangeas yesterday. Took some vicks plant starts-blue mist speria(cuttings) I have forsythia I could start also...but Im running out of pots! Dave you are so luck to have gotten all that stuff from that nice lady. I luved being outside hubby came home early-In pain again. Poor guy-now he has a infection and is in alot of pain!!!(prayers)
Today I hope to do some more garden clean up-I have at least 35 butterfly bushes to cut back!!!
Hubby just came home from work-lota pain-heading for the dr.s office! Id better jet!
Dave when you wear your boots and overalls-dont forget to take a piece of that straw and put it in your mouth! A thumb in the arm pit always help id a farmer! ;-]
Lisa you enjoy that weather!
God Bless us all today,

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Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Morning everyone from the GA coast! It's sooooo beautiful here today. To heck with housework!!! Down with it I say!!! I'm going outside to play!!! LOL :)

Lisa, you've been busy, girlfriend!!! How many maters are you going to plant?

Wow Lisa - That's a lot of plants! How many square feet of garden space are you having this year?

Dallas, GA

Dont you just hate that Dave? I can be in the garden center picking out plants and someone will say, oh are you going to TRY to grow plants.... do you need some help with the planting.... **** I KNOW how to plant!!!! I bought miricial (sp??) grow one day and the lady asked me if I knew how to use it...... I couldnt resist, I just used the most blank look I have and said no.......


Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

You should have worn your overalls Scarlett!!! ROFL

southeast, NE

Good morning all! It rained last night and smells like spring this a.m. You farmers need to wear your "seed corn" hats and they need to have a sweat stain on the top. Dh has several of these and, occaisionally, they just disappear into thin air. I read all your messages from yesterday - had to chuckle at the bad cat and dirty vehicle stories. One day I picked up the copies at the local copy center and the manager made a snide comment about car needing washed. I said well we could raise your taxes and have all county roads paved. I took our Explorer into the car wash on Monday and the facial expressions were quite amusing.

My, Lisa, that is a lot of tomato plants!

Dori - I hope your husband is on the mend soon!

Better go - lots of paperwork and piles again today.

Have a good day!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning, everyone. It's nice here. It rained a bit in the earlier morning hours but isn't now. However the barametric pressure change was enough to contribute to a bad headache when I tried to get up a 5.
DH has appointments at VA clinics in Columbia this morning and we were all going to go with him as usual. My head hurt so badly that I just couldn't do it, so he went alone. I was having trouble getting DGS up, as usual, so I didn't push the issue this morning. I went back to bed before DH even left. DGS went ahead and got up early anyway. He was watching Discovery Kids Science when I got up. This program was about how some of the magical looking things in the movies are really done.
Patty, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's back pain. I pray the doctor can help him.
Lisa, Elizabeth turkey hen is still up and going fine tho her leg looks terrible. The stitches didn't hold at all so the open wound is even larger. However it does appear that most of the old dead skin is gone. But the meat under where it should be is trying to dry. We keep it sprayed with scarlet oil and give her the long acting penicillin shots every 3 days. We got quite a scare from her the other night. We couldn't find her anywhere when we locked up the bird house. We walked and called her, looked everywhere we could think of, no Elizabeth. I told DGS that she likely had gone off to die. The next morning about 10 DGS went into the garage and there she was! What a relief.
I spent the day at PG yesterday and came home with the rear of the van loaded with loot. They had some stuff in the freeby pile, I got the compost container contents, a bunch of tossed cell packs, then went to the huge compost pile where all the garden waste goes and found some treasures. Now it is all in the garage. Hopefully we'll get some things planted outside today and even more potted. There were several Rannucleous plants which are either in full bloom or just have buds on them. PG is thru with them so they got tossed. Also some tossed violas of some kind, probably one of the Scotch blends.
I need to get going, I see DGS outside with the bird net trying to catch someone. Probably his little banty hen who comes into the house every morning to lay her egg in his pet bunnies cage in the utility room.
Have a wonderful day everyone. GOD bless you all.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good morning,

Stan is off to the drs. to kind out if the xrays from last month show a kidney stone - isn't that the nastiest thing?
Jessie is here and her brother Tom will be here - they get out early today for Kindergarten Roundup. I've been watching Jess everyday - I'm not as young as I was about a week ago!

We had rain yesterday and more snow overnight. nothing happening outdoors here at all. the weekend is supposed to be cold and nasty. Ah well, if it were any different we'd feel put out by not being able to complain.

I feel like a fireman lately - all of the news about foot and mouth and mad cow and nobody really listens, the media only half tells the story and I have a lot of "fires" of panic to put out. It's hard enough knowing that there are farmers in Europe being devastated without the news trying to put us out of business with only half or less of the story!

Don't worry, I'll cheer up when the weather turns toward spring...
Take care all,

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

howdy ya'll...okay okay...Patty and Lisa just brought me out of the woodwork. Is a nice treat to see folks 'wondering' about me. Much obliged. Have been busier than a cow's tail in fly season around here. Have decided to downsize a now officially out of the egg bizness...have sold off about 300 pullets (at a very good price! makes me wonder if I've been on the wrong end of the egg business these past 15 yrs!) However, I still not only have about 20 hens left but over 40 eggs in the incubator due to hatch around the 28th. Have decided to also clean this farm up a bit...I walk around here and automatically start humming the theme song to "Sanford and Son"...tsk tsk tsk. ALSO, two wks or so ago a hen came out of the woods w/5 just-hatched bitties taggin' along! Way cool! Then, day b4 yesterday a hen came out from under the dog house with 7 bitties! Yep, Spring is in the air! (I think that hen is the one named Sophia that a friend of mine (Bernie Barnaby)(the one I've mentioned that raises 3-legged coon dogs) dropped off over here one nite cuz she was too much for him to handle. Briefly stated, me and Bernie, and his best 3-legged coondog, Tripod, had been out on a 4 day rabbit hunt...somewhere along the way Sophia showed up and stole the piece of fatback that we used to keep the shotgun oiled with so it don't rust...but, perhaps when there is more space I can elaborate.) Time to get out and do some greenhouse work and feed critters and such. Ya'll behave, take good care! Friend Horseshoe.

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Good to "See" you again Horseshoe!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Yippee! Horseshoe is back and tellin' tall really should not stay away for so long, we might forget about you...*yeah, right*...Yep folks, I counted right 96 plants, I just LOVE 'mators. I plan on making lots of salsa this year and selling 'mators. My garden is 14 rows at about 127 feet long. So I will be real busy soon.
***Pete2 you made me laugh with the generic answers of overalls! Lisa

Lisa - you should sell the Salsa, too! Trish and I agree - it's the best salsa we've ever had.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks! I am really thinking about it...lots of folks say all it needs is a label! Lisa

"justmeLisa Brand Salsa!!" :)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

*chuckle* Lisa

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good afternoon folks. It is a warm sunny day, 62* with a breeze and not a cloud in the sky, birds are singing, sage rats chasing each other through the pasture, red tailed hawks building a nest, flies are out. Yep, I think spring has sprung. I've been digging this morning, tired of that, got about 4 more partly finished projects to switch to, and I really need to get out and put some miles on a horse. So many choices. Now that I've had lunch I need to get back to work. Dave, maybe you were wearing your hat and that's what gave it away. You need a baseball cap that has an ag logo on it, or better yet, get some Davesgarden hats made up. Maybe "no cows to eat the straw" did it since straw is generally just used for bedding, it has almost no nutritional value. Hope all the ailing folks are soon well again. Time to run, with better weather I am not spending much time on the computer. Only 4 more hours and it will be dark. Not enough time already! Count your blessings.

Elizabethton (Stoney, TN(Zone 6b)

David, I have been remiss in teaching you all the lessons of my early life on the farm in Wisconsin: Cows do NOT eat straw. It's used for bedding. As far as a hat goes, you'd be safe to wear a John Deere hat to match your tractor (let the dog play with it a while first to give it that aged look), or a Ford hat, or Chevy hat, or a UT hat which I think would be acceptable as you're in UT territory.
Your mother has spoken....

[ Removed per member request. - Admin]

Mom (GL), Boy is my face red about the straw issue!! What kind of farmer am I?!?! Ugh! My excuse: I don't have cows! :)

Well, I won't wear a UT hat, but I will proudly brandish a John Deere hat. I'll put it on my christmas list. :)


Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

In defense of Dave, my husband's grandfather fed his cows one feeding of straw everyday at noon through the winter. He felt it uppd the butterfat.


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