March 24, 2001

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Hey Farmers! Wake Up! We got work to do .... ok ok.. after another cup of coffee I'm gonna get something done. really.
Gotta clean out the stock trailer today so I can take my calves to my brother's house. My Grandson in the city could be born at any time and I need to be ready at a moments notice to take off. My daughter is on complete bedrest. My hyperactive child has turned into a hyperactive adult, bedrest is a difficulty.
In between all the chores today I plan on making some time to watch the two Missouri Woman's teams win their matches in the NCAA tournament.
The wind was rattling the windows in this old farm house this morning making it hard to roll out.
Horseshoe, glad to see you posting. Ya had me worried.
Well, better go check the livestock. Have a Good One

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

It's snowing again yeesh

We've had a couple of inches since 5 this morning. YEEEESH.

I'm going to go pot up the little tomatoes and pretend that spring will really be coming.


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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Ok, I'm up. Actually I've been up for quite a while. Some of the neighbor's cattle took a stroll or a little romp through our place, so there was a fence to fix but none of our animals got out. The dog thought it was wonderful! Our weather forecast reads something like "pleasant with rain and freezing rain, followed by showers". Since it isn't doing any precipitating on us at this time I think I will go for a ride and hope not to get caught in it before I get done. We had a quick storm come through yesterday, complete with things being blown around in the gusty wind and the power being out for about 2 hours, probably from a lightening strike. All of you folks have a good day, be careful and count your blessings. See you tomorrow.

southeast, NE

Good afternoon! Nope we didn't clean up today at the show. We did win Reserve Commercial Breeding Heifer but she (the heifer, that is) was being quite a snot in the show ring. After she came out of ring, we realized why - she was coming into heat. We're lucky that one of the other calves didn't try to mount her. We left our best steer home because he'd been sick this week. We received blues on other two calves. Oh well - different judge, different day, different competion.

Kathy Jo - and who does your daughter take after?

DD and dh left for show at 5:30 so I did the chores. I walked into the sheep barn - what a mess - ewes and their lambs, bottle lambs and goats were all in the alley way. I think I figured the chain of events. I forgot to wire the panel on the bottle lamb pen. When they were hungry this a.m. they pushed their way out and started chasing the goats. The goats then decided to, in their haste to get away from the lambs, push the panel that led in with the ewes and the ewes thought they should help themselves to the grain that was set out for the goats. (And I can't blame anybody but myself because I was the last one in the pen with the bottle lambs.) And I've decided that since no one witnessed (or wondered why I was late getting to the show this a.m.) that I'm not going to admit my blunder.

The sun is shining but a little nippy out. I think it's supposed to snow/rain the rest of the week. Hope you are all have a good weekend!

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