March 28 2001

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good Morning,

It's still cold out, but they say we may get some sun today and warmer temps (40s) through the rest of the week.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday - my rheumatologist has upped my meds and suggested that carrying feed buckets is a bad idea. I skipped chores this morning - my Carhart's didn't get dry because I forgot to hang them up!
Ah well, poor Stan got to deal with the thundering herd (no, they aren't out yet, still in stalls, but when they don't actually thunder, they beller) all by himself. Guess I'll make him some blueberry muffins for breakfast.

A mouse decided to rearange the little snapdragon plants last night. They are in an old pyrex pan, and it looked like it had been attacked by a tiny little dog. I think I got most of them upright. I'll have to set some more traps. If it's not the creatures I choose, it's the ones that choose me!

We went to the big mall outside of Erie PA yesterday after the doctor and I had to ride up and down the escalators with Jessie. I don't think she'd ever been on one before and after the first time, we couldn't keep her off them. She told her mom that Grandma and Grandpa's mall had escalators and that they were fun. Between the escalators and the new running shoes we bought her, she was in hog heaven - kids are soooooooo easy!

Warmer and sunny thoughts out to you all,

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

good morning everyone,
Today is sunny and will be inthe 40's-thank heavens for the sunshine-makes a cold day a little better. Im going to try to downsize my seed saving today-put them in containers.
I have a bunch of lambs ear flower stalks on a newspaper taking up alot of room + lots more!
With the drier needing repaired laundry has been a real pain-hanging clothes over registers and on backs of chairs....with 4 boys and a hubby here-theres no slacking on laundry duty either! Hanging outside has been out of the question-they dont really get dry at 32 degrees just frozen!
I hope everyone had a great night(restful)not to many lil lamby's to keep Mary up all nite!
Patty no cows getting out?
Hope all the plant life down south is not frozen with this cold front that is moving across the country. brrrrrrrrrr
Everyone have a great day,

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks! It is a treasure.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. The sun is shining through the window, it's 34* and a bit windy.(Seems like spring sprung and then rebounded backwards!) We had a rain and wind storm yesterday afternoon and last night. I looked at the sattelite tv picture about noon yesterday and hurried to get in a good ride before the storm hit, just made it back home before the first raindrops fell. Very close! My 2 loads of laundry blew dry on the line while I rode, they got a quick rescue, perfect timing! And I got to sleep all night because we are down to just a few ewes and they were put into the barn for the night because of the storm. They will now be moved to a little orchard right next to the house and can be checked by just looking out the window. So my lamb duty is over for this year. Today we have company comming so I have house cleaning to do, plus I need to get the trailer packed for the ride this weekend. Time to get a move on, have a good day everyone. Count your blessings!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

DH had really low blood sugar this morning so I won't leave to go to Powell Garden's until he is MUCH stronger and stable. I'm barely keeping my eyes open so I think I'll go back to bed for a nap when I'm thru with this posting.
We advertised our Hammond Regent organ for sale and a man came yesterday about 7:30 p.m to took at it. He stayed over an hour treating us to a lovely concert. If we actually played the organ we would probably keep it. But DH & DGS think they want a keyboard instead. Personally I prefer organs, but I don't play it anymore either. Neither DH or I are really good musicians so that is a factor.
DGS and I moved the 30 gallon aquarium to the dining room and finally got it set up by midnight last night. It looks nice in there and the fish all seem ok after a hectic day. I got to bed about 1 and got up at 5:45. That's why I'm so sleepy this morning.
Have a great day, everyone.

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Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Here I sit, bug-eyed. yep. Picked up the mini Dachshund yesterday! I think she is part coon...very nocturnal. I got less sleep than I usually get. However(!), 'twas a great surprise for the womenfolk here. I timed it getting back to town in time to pick DD up at school w/the puppy...she, and her class, and all the teachers, fell in love! POSTED A PIC ON THE PHOTO FORUM! Don'cha wanna go see a 39 day-old mini-dog!? (and offer a potential name?)

KJO...hated to hear about your rumatiz, no fun there. But your escalator rides remind my of my first one...(don't worry, no story here)...I remember NOT wanting to ride an escalator for fear of ending up under the floor in a room full of stairs! Have a happy!

southeast, NE

Good morning! Hope all you and your loved ones feel better soon!

Cloudy and dreary out this a.m. Heard on the news this a.m. that we probably won't hit 70 this March. DH had to go to "drivers safety course" last night. He received a speeding ticket and if he takes the course ($50) he will save $50 on court costs and ticket and points won't appear on his record and we will save $200 on insurance. But boy did he grumble, blah blah. I have to chuckle because he always reminds me of speed/laws when I drive.

Patty - what are you going to serve? Do you serve goat? I've had goat sausage already that was pretty tasty. How did your dd fare at the FFA contests? DD's diversified livestock records didn't get picked as top 3 in state. Last year she missed the top three by one mistake so she was disappointed this year since she corrected the mistake.

We weaned a pen of lambs last night so there was lots of noise last night. Turned on a fan to block out the noise so we could sleep.

Better go - you all have a great day!

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southeast, NE


MMMMMM - love gyros! Congrats to your dd! My dd should have done a "specialty animal entrepenuership" with the goats. I didn't even know there was such a thing - but it certainly makes sense. She claims that the goats annoy her but when she comes home after they've kidded, she checks on the kids before she does the lambs.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Woke this morning to gentle rain. But didn't have to get up quite so early to feed the calves. Hubby and I loaded them all up and took them to my brother's in case we have to go to the city for the birth of our Grandson at a moment's notice. This place was very quiet. no baby calves bawling or ewes bleeting. The ewes were all hiding out of the rain.
HorseShoe! Don't tell me you're getting us Kath's mixed UP? It has been a long standing curse for me. Four Kathys in my High School class of 60. Although I do got me a little of that rhuematiz. Amazing what the loss of a little sleep will do .... Pretty soon I start calling you Bud and seeing if you can fill in with some Cajun jokes while JMLisa is on computer sabbatical. :)
Kathleen, don't forget to hang up those CarHarts.... Nothin worse than wet coveralls.
Hope everyone stays warm and dry. Happy Farming.

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