A MOrning Glory question

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

I know MG don't mind poor soil but how poor can the thrive in? We have some places I'd like to plant some but wonder if we should do a little amending as the soil is not good at all.. mostly sand & clay with a LITTLE dirt mixed in.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I think poor ... as in nutrients is fine. But they don't like to be too dry. If the soil seems like it won't hold moisture well, adding some organic matter is a good idea. If soil is too rich I think you get a lot of vine with very few flowers.

(Zone 8a)

I am a little confused about this myself...I have bought mg seeds that say sow in rich garden soil...not poor soil, who are we to believe, I think your own growing experience will lead you the right way!

I have grown them in poor (very poor soil) and they all but died and they are supposed to be drought tolerant (wrong) so this year I am going to do things differently and not neglect them!

Hope this helps!

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

Would adding some peat moss to it help? DH said the top soil here was removed when the mobile homes were put in 10 years ago (before my time here)We have had to amend the soil a lot.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Yes - peat moss would be good! You should dig the area well and loosen the soil good. Peat moss, compost, dead leaves, humous, ... anything to lighten the soil texture. A lot of wildflowers that grow in poor soil - grow like gang-busters in rich garden soil.

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

i'm confused about these guys too. i have 3 trellis standing in a row. last year i planted 3 morning glories at each trellis. The first trellis all 3 morning glories took off and prospered. the second, they all died. The third, one lived and did ok, but not as well as the 3 on the first. I have noooooooooooooo idea why. but i'm going to plant again this year. :) i've got my seedlings going now in there cells.
debi z

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