March 29 2001

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good Morning,

Hey Horseshoe, I'm not sure we've met - I'm a dairy farmer in NY. Thanks for the thoughts. Cute puppy, btw.

K-Jo, there are more Kath's out there than ticks on a coon hound! It does get confusing!

Well, Stan says the mouse must have been female - it went for the chocolate chip rather than the peanut butter, but not before it dug a few more holes in the snapdragons. YEEESH. I guess I'll replant. See if I can find a receptical that's a little less mouse-friendly.

It actually got warm here yesterday - up in the 40s. I went out on the porch swing with Jessie for 15 minutes and didn't put on a coat. She had her coverals and barn boots on - been to the barn with Grandpa. The sun was shining, birds were singing. Now, if the rain will just melt the snow down, I may get excited about spring after all.

warm and sunny thoughts,

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning kathleen n everyone to follow,
today its snowing this a.m. no sunshine for the day and only 28 at sunrise. high of 45 expected today...Im not getting excited till we hit at least 55-im a wimp when it comes to cold weather...I always pray that my birthday will be 73 degrees(may)last year someone heard me!
Im going to try to get a box of stuff together to send trish and dave-my thank you box! But I want to get outside and dig up some the box wont get there till next week trish---but I will fill it up! ;]
Lisa oh Lisa where are you today-we miss you girlie!!! Hope everything is fine with you!
I must read some more post and get busy.
have a gread day,

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Mercy! Yes, Kathleen ...we've never met! Boogers! It seems either I was so elated or so exhausted (due to the puppy) that whilst I was speed-reading the post I got you and KJO mixed up. So sorry to you both about that! (I do hate that you have the reumatiz tho.) Look at the bright side tho, NOW we do know of each other. And KJO, I owe you bigtime now, eh? Sorry to bring up a curse from your past like that! Won't happen again. Course now, you start confusing me with Bud or someone I might hafta set you straight! Or include you in one of them thar Cajun jokes you might be looking for! Or better yet, I can see it epistle called "KJO, WW of DG..." (KathyJo, Wild Woman of Dave's Garden...True Factoids of Her Life and Times"...better not get me started girl, you know it's a mess inside this here head of mine!) And lookee here PATTY...I can include you in there also! (If my old feeble mind is in tune!)

Cool and raining here today...that means I get to view DG a bit longer then work in the g-house (really needs cleaning up...some newspaper is coming to do another article tomorrow morning). By the way folks, THANKS for all the suggestions on names for the new puppy. Yesterday while DD and I were going to visit friends and show the pup we were thinking of names we liked. She decided to name her after two sisters who she has grown up with (Rosie, and Sarah Jane)...the pups name is now RosieJane! (Probably Rosie for short). Smile ya'll!

(Zone 5a)

Hi all, supposed to rain here today, dreary looking but warming up. No change in the goat yet, hope I can save her but I'm not counting on it, poor thing. Had 2 BIG baby bucks born Mon. mom had a little trouble, was over there (in the shed) 9 hours though of course she was only in hard labor a couple hours. I finally had to pull a little to help, apparently she was bred to a Boer and man do they have big heads! That was my first time seeing them "in person". The doe is Alpine. One of the babies has scours, I'm treating him with Pepto, does anyone know how to get that sticky glue-like yellow poo off his rear? I stuck his butt in a bucket of warm soapy water yesterday for about 10 minutes, needless to say he wasn't real happy about it! Got a little off but alot left, I don't even know how he could still poop he had so much stuck back there. The doe didn't care what I was doing to him but she started drinking the soapy water and I was trying to hold the little fella up and get her out at the same time! She'll have the runs next, lol. Gotta go check on sicky (Ma) again. Everyone have a great day.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. I'm off to a running start this morning, our overnight company headed for Montana right after breakfast. Much to do, gotta clean and start to pack the trailer today for my weekend trip, then this afternoon I am helping the neighbors vaccinate cattle, then more packing this evening and tomorrow morning. Gotta be ready to pull out of here by 8:30. Lana, put on some rubber gloves and work some cooking oil or mineral oil into the mess on that little goat's behind, that will help it come off and the oil on the hair will keep the next load from sticking so easily. Hope the sick one recovers. Have a good weekend everybody, this is it till Monday I think. Count your blessings.

southeast, NE

Good day everyone - am doing a quick check in as today seems to be going too fast for what I need to do. Lana, we give our lambs 1/4 cc of LA 200 orally on the back of their tongue for scours - it does wonders. I also ditto what Mary suggests about the mineral oil. We put mineral oil in the hair of our calves to clean out the gunk when we're getting them ready for showing.

Mary - good luck on your trip!

We did some pen switching around last night so we could feed our weaned lambs. Tonight we are weaning some of the bottle lambs.

As I was falling asleep last night, I heard some banging outside. I initially was cussing the goats as they squeeze through the panels and I figured they were into trouble. Luckily I looked out because one of the show calves was loose. I woke dh up and the minute she saw us she knew she was in trouble and ran back intot he barn. She must have figured how to squeeze out of her halter.

Better go - lots of errands to do today. You all have a good day!

[ Removed per member request. - Admin]

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Hey Patty sounds like a wild time at your place. I have a few grapes, but how right you are - EvaMae is a master. Wow. She had the most beautiful grapes growing in her yard I have ever seen. Hope you don't mind me bragging on you EvaMae. As she says , she yardens. Wowsers! Hope you get the critters back to being healthy. I gave all my calves antibiotics before I took them over to my brother's house. They all had runny noses and just didn't look perfectly perky. Hopefully warmer weather will help us as well.
Horseshoe, all is forgiven. I'm all sceered about that book and all. I'm just jealous cause Kathleen has all those beautiful milk cows.
I'm still waiting for ewes to lamb here. One is about ready to pop any time.
Did I mention, lilacs have buds, daff are blooming (my wierd green ones are almost ready to burst open), hyacinths are almost ready to burst open, Spring is coming. Really it is . ...

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