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By popular demand, here is the FarmLife Forum!


(Zone 5A)

Dear Dave;

Thanks for the addition of the Farm Forum. I'm a new subscriber and a former GW Farm Forum member. I sure would have missed all those helpful hardy folks. Thanks for being so responsive. BTW, your site is so crisp and well-organized; easy to navigate. Thanks again.

Hi Jersey,

It is my pleasure to serve. :)


Yes, Dave...Thank you from the bottem of my heart. I am so happy you've given us a place. I hope to see all my old buddies hanging out here. I have missed everybody so much. Dave, I just don't know how to thank you enough. I will be saying lots & lots of prayers for you business to prosper. I know it will. I am ever so grateful. Thank you, Lisa (former GW farm life poster)

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

God bless you and yours, Dave. I mean that sincerely. Having been raised on the farm, married a farmer and had the privilege of raising our children and several of our grandchildren on this farm I really appreciate a forum for those of us who have like interests and concerns. I'll be a regular here as time allows. We are also homeschoolers so that takes a big chunck of of time out of our days.

[ Removed per member request. - Admin]

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Very cool! Thanks, Dave!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Thank you, Dave for giving the Farm Forum space. Most of us also garden as we have lots of room. My garden is larger than most city lots and I do spend a lot of time in it. I'm also a wanderer from the FF on GW. My friends from there would recognize Mary in NE Oregon, for some reason your information box didn't like that name. So now I am MaryE.

Hi Mary, welcome aboard!

The site didn't like that name because it had spaces in it. Because of various reasons, all usernames have to be characters or numbers (or underscores...). There are good reasons for this. :)

Again, Welcome!

Chamois, MO(Zone 5a)

Thanks Dave. I know this is going to be a great forum.

New Paris, OH

Alright a farm forum!

Now all we need is a market garden forum... Actually i have found so many market garden lists that perhaps growing for market isn't really needed here. But the farming aspect definately was. Thanx a zillion.

Chattahoochee, FL

Hi Dave & all. I'm another of the GW types and came over to see whasssuuuupppp. Looks like it's shaping up to be a nice place. I see some familiar "faces" here already.
I should say that I haven't had any problems over at GW, and will continue to post there as long as it remains fun, but it's always nice to have another place, as well.
I'm located in extreme North Florida, just 7 miles from the Ga line. Where's everybody else??

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

I guess that I qualify for the Farm Forum :) I have been gardening for 40 years . At present I operate a 78 acre farm surrounded by a 2 - 3 mile windbreak / 3 acres native Carolinian growth woodlot / 2 acres of garden / 72 acres ag production /family owned & operated 80+ years /USDA Z6 / CANZ7/ 120 species of lilies / collectors of rare winter hardy plants / collectors , traders and sellers of over 800+ species of plants . Other hardcore plant addicts are always welcome to contact us .

Hello all. This is Janice. Nice site!!!! This seems like an easy enough set up ( I am not good with the computer). I am also a former Farm Life frequenter. Thrilled I was able to take up my user name (has a very special meaning for me LOL). This is in my favorites and will come visit often to get out to the real country!!

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