Jan. 8, 2001
Well, what can I say!? Many thanks to Dave for giving us a place to hang out. Bless you Dave!! I am so happy. I hope to see all the gang here in time. Were to get started, uh, lets see, well, I survived the cold and most of my garden did. The temps. will be climbing back to our norm. 67-70*. Lots of rain last night. All the critters are doing fine. My neighbor brought her horses in our pasture, the goats now have company. My geese are acting like they will start laying soon. I can see my female's belly looking like an egg is down there, they have been mating. I can't wait to replenish my stock of geese. Since the bobcat attack I only have 3 left. My garden is coming along fine. The cabbage should be ready soon, broccoli too. Can't wait to eat the first one. Well, enough about me...What is on ya'll schedule today? Have a great one, blessings, Lisa

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