SOLVED: Please help!!

Jesteburg-Wiedenhof, Germany(Zone 8a)

Can someone tell me what this mystery flower is?
I don't even remember planting it :-/

Thank You


Thumbnail by Wintermoor
Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Ornithogalum. No one seems to know it.. ;)

Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

Common name: Star of Bethlehem, a bulb in the lily family, which you probably planted last fall. It can spread rapidly, so you might want to keep an eye on it if you placed it in a small area. There are hardy kinds and tender kinds. Obviously, you have a hardy variety. They are poisonous, so don't even think of eating any part of them.

Jesteburg-Wiedenhof, Germany(Zone 8a)

Thanx Evert,
Thanx Aime,

Actually they looked quite appetising, I was about to have a wee munch ;-)

Thanx again


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