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(Zone 5a)

May 17, 2002
9:25 PM

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Angel Trumpet, Angel's Trumpet 'Marie Gerrits'

Hybridized by M. Gottschalk, 1992

Thumbnail by monika
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Madrid, NY
(Zone 5b)

April 4, 2007
7:18 PM

Post #3356025

Hello Monika,
My name is Caroline and I just love your Angels Trumpet !!!! How BEAUTIFUL !!!!! How old is it and does it
require much care ? Thanks for the picture...what a wonderful plant you have !

Tulsa, OK
(Zone 7a)

April 4, 2007
10:23 PM

Post #3356705

Oh its beautiful its wonderufl.. great picture..
Valrico, FL

June 18, 2007
3:17 AM

Post #3627970

You folks that posted about the Angel's Trumpets could be in for a surprise. Monika is in Germany, but these plants grow beautifully here in the US. They are somewhat cold sensitive, but in colder zones they can be grown in large patio containers and moved indoors in the winter months. I have at least 4 different kinds of these beauties and they bloom virtually all year round here in central Florida. The bloom depicted in her photo is a beautiful sight, but I have to say that my mature plants have literally hundreds of those magnificent blooms on them. They have a wonderful fragrance which is very easily detected at night. These plants are extremely easy to root and love lots of water and fertilizer. The more you water and fertilize, the more they bloom. These are so easy to root, that I have actually had small branches break off the bush and root while just laying on the ground. They root in water, containers or at the sight they are to be planted. Here in Central Florida, freezes are not too common, but if I knew we were expecting a freeze, I wouldn't even worry about trying to protect these bushes from the cold, I would just go out and take some cuttings. The cuttings will live (and root) in water for a long time. This truly is an extraordinary plant and is well worth the cost of buying them. I have bought cuttings from before. Her prices are very reasonable, and the product she ships is always more generous than what she advertises. She sells seed, too, but I greatly prefer cuttings because they are so easy to root. Her prices are also extremely reasonable. I have seen the plants in local nurseries here that are no more than 3 feet tall and may or may not have bloom buds, but they sell for $50. I'm not sure what her price for cuttings are, I believe you have to email her directly to determine that, but I know they are absolutely worth it. You can check out her website. This plant is truly a spectacular addition to any garden and is so very carefree. Mine are as tall as 15+ feet and as I said, they are absolutely magnificent when they bloom. Check out Onalee's website. I personally love buying items from her because her prices are so reasonable, and it seems almost like you are swapping plants with a plant loving friend or neighbor as opposed to just buying them from some commercial outlet.
Deer Park, TX
(Zone 9a)

June 30, 2007
1:16 AM

Post #3677150

I agree with you about Onalee, I was just not able to express it that way.
Brandon, FL

June 30, 2007
3:04 AM

Post #3677857

Beautiful hybrid you have!

So far I just have 2 colors of the Brugs, a Yellow and a White, but have about 50 clones growing of each

Thumbnail by thaihotgardens
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Tulsa, OK

July 4, 2007
2:43 PM

Post #3694159

I have never heard of the Angels Trumpet 'Marie Gerritts'; just seen the yellow and the orange trumpeter vine. The white one is beautiful and would love to have some. I'm going to check Onalee's website but would love to buy some today!

Hope43, do you know of a nursery here in Tulsa that sells them, hopefully not for $50.00 and:

Thaihotgardens I will be e-mailing you about these to see how much you are selling these for.

I'm also trying to locate a Rose of Sharon, Althea (Hibiscus syriacus, purple). It's the one with 2 sets of petals and just absolutely beautiful. They would look good with the Angels Trumpet 'Marie Gerritts' and with yellow and orange Hibiscus plants. I'm also going to have a ground cover affect using deep purple creeping verbena. With all the warm colors, I wanted a cooler color and the deep purple will be breathtaking. I've done something similar to this before and the purple really sets if off.

I'm getting ready to graduate with a degree in Interior Design, with a strong emphasis on Architectural Illustrating and landscaping, so I'm having a lot of fun with incorporating my skills into gardening.

My e-mail address is:
Reedville, VA

July 25, 2007
5:11 AM

Post #3776570

Flash too bright, blows out needed detail.
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

July 28, 2007
3:19 AM

Post #3787950

This is not a photo contest, Detective5. Perhaps
you could contribute photos instead of criticizing

Monika, thank you for sharing your photo. :-)
Gainesville, FL

July 30, 2007
3:22 AM

Post #3794907

Here in Gainesville, Fl., I am breeding Daturas, Brugmansias, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, AND especially the large Hibiscus Moscheutos varities. I'm less than into a year with the nursery,
been away from Horticulture for a long time , too long.
Oviedo, FL

November 27, 2007
8:18 PM

Post #4236085

Beware! The seeds are used for their hallucinegenic properties...some cities in Central Florida have prohibited their use as landscape plants.
Aldrich, MN
(Zone 3b)

December 3, 2007
7:04 PM

Post #4257689

Beautiful! The picture and the plant.
Pensacola, FL
(Zone 8b)

December 9, 2007
7:48 PM

Post #4277851

wow that is one beautiful specimen...
Fort Lauderdale, FL

February 2, 2008
7:26 PM

Post #4486907

Was driving to my Mom's when I saw this plant, fell in love and looked around till I found one here in Broward County, Florida. I paid around +-$25 for mine at Living Landscapes in Dania Beach. Bought it about 4-6 months ago and it has bloomed 3 times so far. This picture is from last week...
I am hoping that it will reach my roof top to make a really nice entrance to my carport/porch area. Is this a fast grower? or a slow one? You are right - it roots very easy. I cut off a branch so I could have a straighter trunk, stuck it in the ground and that is now in my back yard growing faster than this one. How is the root system of this plant? Until I know what I am dealing with, I have it in a large pot. I don't want to cause water line damage, for our water line runs along this garden line of my driveway.

Thumbnail by cherigbs
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Naples, FL

March 19, 2008
11:49 PM

Post #4684004

Some one probably already metioned this but i've been told that the angel's trumpet tree is poisonous.
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

March 21, 2008
2:22 AM

Post #4688982

Ah, yes, but we should all be responsible gardeners.

Poinsettias are rumored to be poisonous as well, yet everyone
has them during the holidays. Read the following link for details.


This message was edited Jun 29, 2009 1:23 PM
Naples, FL

March 21, 2008
3:22 AM

Post #4689290

True, very true. they do look nice but we have pets that occasionaly eat leaves off plants.
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

March 21, 2008
1:19 PM

Post #4690243

Little ones included. Gotta watch 'em just like babies. We have one dog
who chooses to chew as well, so we always make certain to put the plants
with adverse personalities out of reach.

Be safe, everyone. :-)
Naples, FL

March 21, 2008
8:31 PM

Post #4691981

Just wondering, but i thought (Zone 7a) was to cold for angel's trumpet trees, or are yours potted as Indoor/outdoor plants.
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

March 21, 2008
8:33 PM

Post #4691994

Hi Drummer,

Actually, our Brugs come back from the root every year. Now
while I'm certain there are fussy cultivars, ours don't have any
problems. In fact, there is a lady in town who grows hers out
by the road. They come back every year full force.

We actually live at the bottom of the valley, that may give us
an advantage, as we are actually warmer than 7a, but that is
what we were assigned.

:-) KM
Naples, FL

March 22, 2008
4:30 AM

Post #4693841

Do you ever get snow or ice? Being in (Zone 10a) if it gets below freezing here, it pretty much gives our tropical plants freezer burn.

This message was edited Mar 21, 2008 11:35 PM
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

March 22, 2008
4:43 PM

Post #4695191

Oh yes, definitely snow and ice. We have had them bitten a few times,
and they probably should have been brought indoors, but alas, we
were shocked to see they survived and went on to thrive.

Naples, FL

March 22, 2008
7:38 PM

Post #4695723

I've never actualy had experience with this plant, is it a tropical plant?
Valrico, FL

April 3, 2008
1:39 AM

Post #4748519

I would like to mention that when Angel's Trumpets (Brumansia) are mentioned it seems one of the first things mentioned is that they are used as a halucenogen. I wanted to learn the truth about that issue so I "Googled" Brugmansia and looked for websites of universities and horticultural societies to try to be assured of getting factual information. From that I learned that there are indeed hallucenogenic properties of the seeds, but to obtain those effects requires some fairly complicated processes that I suppose some might be willing to go through to use it in that manner, but it is very risky because ALL parts of this plant are poisonous.

I would be interested in knowing which cities in Central Florida have prohibited their use in landscapes as posted by Treefairy. I do occasionally read accounts in newspapers where teens think they can get high from smoking the leaves and have ended up getting sick enough to be hospitalized because of the toxins, but I haven't heard of them being prohibited in any way.

I have had Angel's Trumpets for many years and I have only had one plant set one seed pod which fell to the ground long before it matured. In my of area, Angel's Trumpets very rarely self pollenate. They can be hand pollenated, but the only need for doing that is if you are interested in hybridizing them. The way to be most assured of getting a true plant is by rooting cuttings.

Regarding the issue of these plants' toxicity, they are poisonous IF INGESTED. I think most people would be truly surprised at the number of plants in their yards and homes that are also very toxic IF INGESTED, but unfortunately these beauties are immediately associated with their negative qualities instead of being enjoyed for their beauty. There are really very few plants that are completely edible. We absolutely must be careful in our gardening efforts. I teach my children and grandchildren to NEVER pick any leaves or flowers off plants and put them in their mouth unless I tell them to do so. It may be overkill, but I teacg the children to assume EVERYTHING is poisonous unless I tell them otherwise.

All that being said, one of the greatest sources I have found for Brugmansia is on Ebay. Just type "Brugmansia" in the search field, choose "Home and Garden" for the category and at almost any given time there will be active auctions for 150 or more Angel's Trumpets. Most of them have photos of their listings. There HUNDREDS of different kinds of these plants. I was totally amazed at the huge selection available for sale and the reasonable prices, compared to what I have seen in nurseries. There singles, doubles and even triples of many color variations--white, pinks, bi-colors, yellow, and orange. There is also a great variety in the size of the blooms. I have now collected 25-30 different named Angel's Trumpets--and made some good internet friends along the way. Here in our Florida summer heat, mine do better with a little shade.

These plants are extremely easy to grow and will certainly reward the gardener with many years of pleasure. My oldest specimens are now more the size of small trees and I have to say they are magnificent to see in bloom--and my neighbors agree! Don't shy away from this plant because of a misperception of its potential danger. Most people don't even know that African Violets are poisonous, but about the most common place for them to be grown is in a kitchen window, and I have never heard of them being grown anywhere except indoors where our pets and children are!

May 8, 2008
2:54 AM

Post #4922247

I start my angel's trumpets from the seeds from the dead blooms. does anyone else do this?I live in ontario Canada just north of lake ontario near belleville. they do not winter here, but the seeds do self seed themselves with no problem
Nederland, TX

June 22, 2008
8:41 PM

Post #5143565

This was mine just a month ago. The rains stopped and the leaves started to get yellow even though I watered lots. Been raining alot so it's look lots better now!

Thumbnail by dsloane
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Belleview, FL

July 7, 2008
1:10 PM

Post #5216866

I've attached a picture of a yellow one and a peach one that I have. I'm in Belleview Florida. This picture is from November of 2007. They don't have alot of green on them because anytime they get to dry the leaves turn yellow and drop off. But, they continue to bloom like crazy. I cut them all the way down to the ground every March (they "die" with the first frost every year) and they usually start blooming again in April and continue to bloom all summer till we get a cold snap. I have a yellow, peach and a white. I think they would do better if they had a little shade in the heat of the summer so I planted a tree near them that will hopefullt grow so they can get some afternoon shade. The smell from these flowers is absolutely intoxicating. I've never smelled anything like them. I have them planted in a fenced yard so "kids" can't get to them. People are always saying how gorgeous they are and in the same breath they tell me they are poisonous.

Thumbnail by auntm001
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Conroe, TX

September 11, 2008
5:03 AM

Post #5537144

I had bought 4 diff colors of these plants. Only the yellow made it. My grandmother has 5 over in her yard. My hubby had gone fishing, and after cleaning the fish needed to bury the parts that were no good. He dug a hole right outside my front office window, (3 holes to be exact), planted the smaller of the trumphets in each hole. This yr. they are over 6 ft. tall, has so many beautiful blooms, and stalks are so thick. They are so peaceful to look at, and I do so for hours. At least we know now what to do with left over fish parts; they make excellent fertilizer. LOL

March 29, 2009
8:51 PM

Post #6336742

[deleted by admin]
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

March 29, 2009
11:28 PM

Post #6337366

Hello Dwarf,

As with many, many other plants, yes, the Brugmansia can be poisonous.
But if you don't intend to abuse it, exploit it or otherwise display ignorance,
it is nothing more than a beautiful plant.

Bcrosby's post was an excellent one up above just a bit and full of
information regarding the poisonous aspect.

There is no need to be fearful of plants simply because they have
a poisonous label. Educate yourself, treat the plant with respect
and all will be well. Otherwise, we would all be without many beautiful
plants, including Morning Glories and even Poinsettias during the holidays.

Yep. :-) And welcome to gardening! You'll be a green thumb before
you know it hanging around Dave's Garden.

St John's
Antigua and Barbuda
(Zone 10a)

April 8, 2009
11:44 PM

Post #6384005

Cheribgs, shame on you, what a lovely pictue but please treat yourself to a plant nanny and ditch the plastic bottle LOL
St John's
Antigua and Barbuda
(Zone 10a)

April 8, 2009
11:46 PM

Post #6384040

I have a lovely vine with the most amazing flower, it looks and feels just like cloth, I have been told it is a "dutchmans pipe" but am not entirely sure? It is not in bllom at the moment but as soom as it does I will post a picture, anyone familiar?
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

April 9, 2009
1:13 AM

Post #6384375

Hello Coco,

You might want to post the pic on the Vines forum, they will
likely be able to help.

:-) KM
Walla Walla, OR

June 29, 2009
4:41 PM

Post #6754060

okay for the record: Poinsettias are not poisonous. Urban myth
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

June 29, 2009
6:21 PM

Post #6754436
Broaddus, TX
(Zone 8b)

August 3, 2009
3:17 PM

Post #6901607

Zone 8b, Heat Zone 9, Broaddus, TX deep East, TX Lake Sam Rayburn
Thank you DGers for lovely pics & helpful comments. I received an 18" high, rooted plant early summer of yellow blooms Brugmansia. Planted it in a north/westerly area for morning as well as afternoon full sun.
By 8-3-09, It is healthy with lots of green leaves & is 4' tall. I'm hopeful of seeing a yellow bloom before frost.
Keep those hands busy in the garden
St John's
Antigua and Barbuda
(Zone 10a)

August 3, 2009
10:53 PM

Post #6903416

I have read that poinsettias should be severly cut back in October...true?
Glendale, AZ

August 10, 2009
8:24 PM

Post #6931276

Please forgive me if this is inappropiate, but is anyone with trumpet plants willing to swap seeds? I'm new to this site so I don't know all the rules.
Thanks, Toots136
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

August 10, 2009
8:34 PM

Post #6931300

Hi Toots,

Welcome to Dave's Garden, you're going to love this site!

while it isn't 'inappropriate', there are better chances of getting
a good trade on the seed trading forum. On this thread, only those who
view it or are watching the thread will be able to see it.

I'll be right back with the link for you.

:-) Karen Marie
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

August 10, 2009
8:38 PM

Post #6931333

Okay, here is a link where you can just type in what
you are looking for, to see if anyone has it:

At the top you will see a toolbar reading HOME, MY TOOLS, COMMUNITES,
ETC. Beneath that bar you will see YOUR TRADE LISTS, OTHER TRADE LISTS, TRADE TRACKER, ETC. You will benefit by filling out a trade list with your 'wants' as well.

Here is the plant trading forum:

Hope this helps!
Missoula, MT

September 14, 2009
2:54 PM

Post #7062739

Hello- I am so ecstatic over the first bloom on what seems to be a Charles Grimaldi Brug. I ordered 4 for 18.00 from Burgess as it seemed like a deal. The first order came so frost-bitten I had them send another.. but didn't toss them. I did lose the purple from both shipments. The first 3 survivors are 6' tall and the yellow is the first to bloom. I got my first flower a couple days ago and I am utterly giddy.. it's over a foot long. I did NOT expect flowers the first summer. I live in Missoula Montana and we are starting to have temps. down in the 30's at night. So I've brought the trees inside and they are um- big- and thirsty. So far the cats haven't climbed them or snacked on them. I'm quite uncertain how much to cut them back and it sounds like I should make starts with these cuttings as I can't imagine tossing such awesome potential into my compost. These plants really seem to LIKE worm castings and are otherwise organically fertilized. Any advice on the best size for cuttings - these were only 6'' tall when I got them, so I suppose I'll try that.
The third big one has some strange clubbing on the top new growth that is sounding alot like contamination from this crap that Dow chemical has been selling under the name of "Milestone" and "Sevin". Mother Earth news has had a couple recent articles about this nightmare chemical. We've had a disaster here in the valley with a fellow selling compost at Farmers Market that was unknowingly tainted with this devil's brew and 100 or so farmers and gardeners have suffered major losses of crops and in some cases the soil is totally corrupted. It apparently is hardest on the solanum family. My volunteer Daturas are showing signs of it and I lost all my potatoes, but miraculously none of my tomatoes were touched. This is an issue worth educating yourself, friends and neighbors. And - if we don't stomp and roar, Global warming may be the least of our problems if we simply can't grow food.
Stoney Creek Ont.

April 12, 2010
5:37 PM

Post #7700704

I've had the Angels Trumpet as a specimen plant in my garden. The blooms are beautiful as they open from an almost cigar shaped form to a trumpet.
The Datura is so toxic and the seed if ingested is known to cause extremely bad hallucination. The local newspaper here reported kids experimenting with this seed with almost fatal results. Wash your hands after handling!!
St John's
Antigua and Barbuda
(Zone 10a)

April 26, 2010
4:07 PM

Post #7739841

any chance of a pic?

May 16, 2010
9:49 PM

Post #7799572

We moved to Victoria, BC in 2003 and was introduced to the Angel Trumpet by our neighbour who had numerous potted plants. They are also used by the city in their landscape designs along the highway which makes me question the 'fear' of growing them in my garden. As everyone has already commented they are easy to grow and produce beautiful fragrant flowers in various colours. Because frost is a part of our winters, I really cut my plants way back and of course that gives me many new starts for the next season. I stored my plants in a cool dark place, watering once a month until my husband built a greenhouse this year - I found I was much more successful with my 'starts'.

Thumbnail by gramma65
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Water Valley, MS

June 24, 2010
8:49 PM

Post #7918404

Re hallucinogen look up Datura Inoxia. This can be bad stuff.
Hulbert, OK
(Zone 7a)

June 25, 2010
3:12 PM

Post #7920388

Bad stuff for those with bad intentions.
Lake City, TN

March 18, 2011
10:32 AM

Post #8434462

Very beautiful white Brug!! Do you have any cuttings to sell? Lol.
Catawba, SC
(Zone 7a)

March 27, 2011
12:16 PM

Post #8453606

Looking for Brugmansia cuttings or rooted cuttings

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