Who are you?

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Since this is a new forum, let say who we are. I'll go first.I have a deep faith in God. I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful 3 year old girl. I am married to a great guy (5 years). I am almost 39 (in 2 weeks)ahhh! I love to cook, bake and garden. I hate housework. We have 3 acres, a little mini farm thing. 5goats, 2 geese, a bunny, a pet pig, 15 cats,(one can't have enough)My cats are fixed, all are strays I've collected over the years, and 3 dogs at last count. I will soon have a parrot (my neighbor wants me to have hers)In the spring I will have more fowl, had more but due to a recent Bobcat attack, he thought I was a soupkitchen and ate my chickens,ducks and geese.I also have 2 horses here that I keep for a friend. I used to have horses, but mine died after 19 great years of fun. Your turn...

Believe I know you already. AK here. We are religious only in the sense that we try VERY hard to treat everyone with respect, "do the right thing", take care of those that need taking care of, and set good examples for family & friends. 2 acres, returned to country life last year after 20 years away from Indiana farm roots. 2 cats are all we can handle as the coyotes get outdoor cats, 2 neighborhood dogs - Yukon & Fuji, great neighbors. Town is about 1 mile from here & consists of a grocery store, post office, police station & about 4 blocks. "We bought Wayne's House". Married to the best "german shorthair" for 13 years. 2 fully grown step-daughters, 2 grandsons....had a house full of sledding kids under the age of 10 a couple of weeks age - all calling us Grandpa & Grandma...can't have too many Grandparents can you?

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

AK, Welcome, So glad you came for a visit!! Thanks!

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Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Yes, Patty you read write, 15 cats! I forgot to mention I am a cajun from the bayous of South Louisiana.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Hi, I'm EvaMae, aka, leaflady. We're grandparents & raising our youngest daughter's 12 year old son. It's hard to think of yourself as elderly, older, or middle age(I'm 58 & he is 65) when there is a 12 year old in the house. We homeschool him so he is here 24-7. We're Christians & try to be faithful workers in the church. DH & I both use to do volunteer work at Powell Gardens. Now I'm the only one who goes.
We live on the place DH's ancesters homesteaded right after the civil war. It had a plantation mansion on it that was torn down in 1950 and replaced with the ranch style house we now live in. Much of the wood in this house came out of the old house.
We have about 400 acres that is farmed by a neighbor because both DH & I are disabled.
When the children(5 of them)were home we had all the usual farm animals plus some unusual ones like opossums for pets, etc. Now we just have 3 bunnies, 7 duck hens, about 40 pigeons, one peacock named Moses, a pair of turkeys named Thomas & Elizabeth, & about 30 banty chickens. We also have 2 dogs and 6 cats. The cats and dogs are in the house much of the time in the winter.
We are yardeners having constructed 8 5' X 26' raised beds in the re-enlarged yard 2 1/2 years ago. We grow more food in them with less work than we use to grow in 1/2 acre.
I'm glad to be part of this forum and website.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Me again, Lisa--I feel like a big dummy, Patty I wrote "read write" in my last posting. I meant read "RIGHT".It was kinda late, brain went to sleep, ya' know..

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

hi,im dori age 41. im a christian also, try to live right!
I have a great since of humor-i think!!! That's why i picked the name NOTMARTHA!! Im here in mid michigan on my (2nd)hubbies centinnal farm. There is a total of 140 acres we own 6 of that!I was raised on a 80 acre farm-so ive always been COUNTRY! I have 5 boys ages 4, 7, 15, 17 and 22! The 17yr old is 8th in the state last year in wrestling and has broken several school records(braggin). The first 3 boys were from my late husband!! We have 2 dogs hammer a chinese sharpei and nightmare a siberian husky. 4 cats & one wild one! I was never into flowers till we moved here. My mother had a beautiful(52)rose garden and more-i never cared. Now i have several flower gardens-but my pride and joy is now 100 x 100 and each year i make hubby(hes that one in a million)add another row on each side. This year i will need more rows-all these seed trades!WOW I was #15 here at daves garden and man has it grown...this is GREAT! im hoping to have a plant trade this spring-so if your in michigan "come on over"! Gardeners are great people! THANKS
everyone for all the great trades!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

Hello everyone, I am 28 and new to gardening. I have lived in the city for most of my life but now live just outside of one.I want to have alot of acres one day. We don't have any children yet, but we have 2 dogs, a rotweiller named JayJay and a chihuahua named Bubbles, a cat and 2 sheep named Barbara and Johnny.These are my babies, the neighbors don't talk to me because I am always outside talking to my animals( I guess they think I'm crazy) I am a stay home wife and have alot of time on my hands.

I really love it here at Dave's and enjoy reading about everyone, it really makes my day. Venessa

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good morning. I'm Karla. My DH and I are saving our pennies and paying off all our bills so that we can leave the suburbs in a few years. I spent 5 years in Rural Georgia and a year in Rural TX, and I've been spoiled for life. ... I drive more than 100 miles round trip each day to go to work - however, I get to pass through some ranch country, so it isn't too bad. Weather's been in the 60*s and the calves and lambs are adorable. ... have 2 teens and a 10 yr old - and way too many grey hairs!... my eyes are brown, my hair black(and grey), and the rest of me is subject to change :-) ... so good to see some familiar faces here!

Lakota, ND(Zone 3a)

Hi, I'm Pat. I am a Christian and the whole family is active in the church. I am 41, married with 2 children. A boy 11 and a girl 13. Yes we have hit the terrible teens! We farm 12 quarters with DH's dad. 2 years ago we moved to the family farm, I have been having so much fun making new flower beds. We have 6 cats and 1 dog. We started a strawberry u-pick 2 years ago, lots of work but oh the fun you have when the berries are ripe! :) I am a stay at home mom and proud of it! I also enjoy quilting, crocheting, tatting, crafts and of course gardening.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

I am Mary from NE Oregon. That was how I sighed in on the Gardenweb, but this time I am MaryE since Dave's system didn't like the spaces. Besides being an avid gardener (vegies and flowers) I am involved in endurance riding (like marathons done on horseback). The horses I am currently using for that are Breezy a 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 Arabian, and Bullwinkle a Saddlebred who used to be a packhorse. The 3 mares raise mule colts to sell and some more endurance horses. And I have retired endurance horses that I just can't sell. Horse poor as they say. My hubby and I have been married almost 41 years, raised 2 sons and have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Hubby is semi retired. We are Christians, quite involved helping missionaries in Africa and Romania. We used to own a place called Sonshine Farm where a lot of people stayed with us for various reasons. Before that we were in the ministry in Alaska. Before that, well I could go on, but it has been an interesting life.

Wentworth, SD(Zone 4a)

Hi! I have been trying to get up the nerve to post here. I am right now a wanna be. I go by gardener_mick. I answer to Mick, Mickey, or Michelle. I bought close to 19 acres a couple of years ago and had plans to have animals by now, but life happened. I have 4 kids (3 boys and a baby girl). I raise them all with the loving help of my mother. She is a life-saver. I have been gardening for 4 years now. Longer if you can count the gardens that I had in town. I want to have a few horses, llamas, chickens, and a milk cow. I have a couple of old buildings that need tearing down as no one has lived on the land since the 50's and they are falling over). I have 6 cats and a 3 legged, one eyed cocker spaniel (He decided that he was going to jump the fence and chase a truck, when I first got him -the truck ended up hitting him, but he keeps right on going). I also want to grow for a market garden, which I have been planning for a couple of years and possibly growing flowers and trees to sell (which I have been dreaming about for a few years also).

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi everyone- I'm Trish, Dave's wife. I've been working behind the scenes until now, and it is nice to be out in the open :)
I'm 24. Dave and I have 2 babes under 2. It is always a joy around our house! Dave decided to "retire" a couple of months ago from his computer field, and pursue his real interest- gardening. We moved from Atlanta to rural TN almost one month ago. It is a big change for us! I'll be watching this form daily, as I'm now a farmer's wife! We have 16 ac here with lots of pasture land. We are also Christians, and we feel very blessed in every way. I can't wait to get to know all of you better, and to learn about the farm life!

There are a couple of "Trishs" on the boards, but being Dave's wife, I got the user name- LOL! Hopefully it won't be hard to keep us straight.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Wow! I'm in awe of everyone here! Really, everybody is just so nice! Dave and Trish, I pray ya'll get blessed 10 fold for providing us such a great place with good folks! I hate to keep going on and on, but I am so happy! Bye!!

Hi I' Janice. I just turned 36. I am married with two boys 13 and 14. I dont physically live on a farm YET but DH and I will be moving to the green acres after the boys finish school. I have 4 dogs ( hopefully 5 if my service puppy lab comes home to us) 4 cats 2 bunnies a chicken and pond fish, currently residing inside complemates of the Lab who distroyed their home during his 10 month stay with us!! LOL We bought our home 2 years ago and I still have lots to do to my gardens. My DH laughs at me because I can always be seen digging up something and placing it someplace else.....I tell him that I just like to recycle my plants. I am a dog groomer at an animal hospital therefore have access to the greater things in life... Orphaned wildlife. My house turns into a nursery come end of March with baby bunnies, squirlls birds and raccoons. I just cant say not and let them die.
When I move to "Green Acres" I plan on getting 2 horses, some goats, ducks lots of chickens and one brown cow.
Love preveiwing the farm life.
So glad to be here
PS please disregard my spelling.....dont have the ambition to go back to make corrections!!!LOL

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All,
It's me, another Trish-38 years old! My loves are family, plants and animals and a Christian lifestyle. My hubby is a big-city firefighter (with a residency requirement-ugh) and we have 3 boys (2 preschoolers and one pre-teen). My travels have taken me to live in Europe, California and now, Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are 2 years new to our current property "We bought the Fox's Place" and I am trying to stick as many trees, perennials and other growing things here on our 1/2 acre bordering Northeast Philadelphia. I currently run a rabbitry, with Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops and New Zealand Whites and we keep a small flock of Sexlink hens and Sebright Bantams. The kids get a kick out of gathering the eggs. I previously had horses and am planning on getting a pair of Southdown Olde English Miniature sheep this Spring. Add to that a hobby greenhouse someday..lol. Can you say I need a farm rather quickly?.. Our future vision is to relocate after hubby retires in a few years and move to South/Central Virginia so that we can live out our dream of having a small hobby farm. My gardening enables me to create a country retreat with a secluded feel here...and thanks to all of my traders, friends, and now DavesGarden, my oasis is blooming :)

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

I have been gardening for 40 years ; married to a lovely fellow gardening addict for 16 years , who has 120+ lilium species . At present I operate a 78 acre farm surrounded by a 2 - 3 mile windbreak / 3 acres native Carolinian growth woodlot / 2 acres of garden / 72 acres ag production /family owned & operated 80+ years /USDA Z6 / CANZ7/ 120 species of lilies / collectors of rare winter hardy plants / collectors , traders and sellers of over 800+ species of plants . Other hardcore plant addicts are always welcome to contact us .

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Well let's see.We (wife and I)are Christians.We have three acres about 30 miles east of Pensacola,Fl.Two large gardens,Nubian and Boer goats,geese,6 breeds of bantams.One ancient neutered
cat,1 Maremma (guardian dog) for the goats and Ann's little dog "Useless @&*$#".
Preparing for retirement in two years and expecting to enjoy every minute of it.

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Glen Arm, MD(Zone 7a)

Hello everyone! I'm Jake from Maryland. I'm now finishing up 30 years with my company and getting ready to move on to other things. We have been "farming" 3.5 acres for 15 years now.2 acres of raspberries,blackberries and blueberries,1 acre of peach,apple and asian pears.Last year we put in 1/2 acre of cut flowers. We were very impressed with how the flowers did.3 years ago we put in a commercial kitchen for my wife's bakery to process what we raise.
The bakery has now overshadowed everything else, my wife has gained quite a reputation for her baked goods. She has even done baked goods for a cultural exchange between the American Embassy and six other countries.
Hopefully I'll be able to continue this after I retire but a 2nd income will probably be necessary.
Hope this finds everyone well and happy growing.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

gone2seed: Hubby and I and the little one go to Milton once a year! We are your neighbors here in Louisiana. We go camping at Adventures Unlimited every year. We also go to Ponce De Leon, right down the road, we do some scuba diving there in the springs. I love that part of Florida! Lisa

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

Hi, I'm mamakane, aka Cheryl. Hubby is retired once from a job in MD and has returned to work to support our expensive habits - computers and farm animals. I have the luxury of staying at home and tending to the everyday care of everyone and everything.

We live in the mountains of WV on a 55+ acre farm. It's really just a hobby farm to fulfill our love of animals and the rural life. We currently have 12 ewe sheep, a 39 year old horse named Kristy (you'll hear lots about her, she's my pride and joy) a goose who thinks she's a sheep named Lucy Goose, and 28 hens and roosters that better start laying more eggs come spring!

We have an ancient apple orchard, and lots of flowers and some veggies in the gardening department.

We have 2 grown children living in Maryland and 3 grandchildren. (since so many of us are telling - I'm 47)

And of course there are our 3 dogs - german shorthair pointers. They are house dogs and think they are lapdogs despite their 75 pounds.

This site seems to be full of the great Christian people that makes life so wonderful. I know I'm going to like it here. Thanks Dave and Trish for providing us a place to get together.

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi folks! I'm Tim, my fiance and I moved into a small town that is growing really fast last July. We live in a 6yo subdivision, lots sizes are 55-65X105-115, our lot is 55x106.
Like Venessa, we have no children at this time, we have 2 dogs and a cat. This is my first year at attempting to start a garden from seeds.

Hamburg/Pinnebog, MI(Zone 6a)

Hi everyone! My name is Tom,48yrs.old (49 come 1/19/01)live in Michigan, (I am married (10 yrs as of 1/08/01)with 4 children (23,19,17,9),have 2 cats,1 hamster,1 goldfish,and 3 sled dogs. We live on the outskirts of a small village 15 miles north of Ann Arbor,Mich.It is fast growing and to many yuppies for my taste. We have 2 acres of land here that we homestead on and 100 acres up north in the thumb (that is ajoined to DW's parents farm).
I work for a Catholic Church as Director of Maintenance as my main job,am also part-time farmer,also involved in the Michigan Catholic Rural Life Coalition,I write farm articles periodically for Michigan's Farm & Country Journal and Countryside Magazine,and can be very outspoken on the subjects of Big Ag business,small homestead/farming lifestyle and stupid government policies.

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Well, I may as well join the fray!

I am a 58 year old, hyperactive grandmother. Two sons - an accountant and the other a painter. 4 grandchildren that I adore, and can only take for about a week at a time when they want to come to Mama's house. Mac is into construction - industrial mechanical type.

We are devout Christians, love God, and live each day to bear good fruit.

Mac is the vegetable gardener and I take as much of our 1.3 acres as possible for flower gardening. We share the bounty with the local food bank, which is a great source of satisfaction.

I am a retired healthcare "professional" - travelled as a consultant for more years than I should have. I now enjoy
cooking, gardening, reading and just doing what I please, when I please. My greatest passion is growing old garden/antique roses.

I'm also into canning and preserving fruits and vegetables which I share with all those young folks who never learned the "craft".

I want to learn to quilt! Ordered two of Jinny Beyer's patterns but haven't worked up the courage to start. Any quilters out there?

I also do the craft thing - like to design and build things. Mac is very talented, so I dream it and most times he builds it or pulls me out of my messes.


AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)


I'm Brenda. I go by Loon as that is short for my last name of LOONEY. I live in the city and do mostly ornamental gardening. I'm vice president of our local garden club. I enjoy civic beautification programs and working on our club's garden walks. I enjoy meeting people and my gardens have brought many visitors and I've made many new friends.

I have one son,David, who is 24 and still lives home with us. I have a great husband of 28 years and one dog and two cats. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

Thanks Dave and Trish for providing this forum.

Plato, MO(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone!! I think I've just found the forum were I belong!!First I want to say how wonderful and Funny all of your stories are!!

I'm Kim,I'm 39 yrs old."Country' all my life.Married a Military man over 20 yrs ago.Seems we've traveled the Earth for a million years!! Near to retirement,so he brought me back to the state I feel is my 'home',Missouri.

Dh and I are both from N.CAL.been back to visit three times in 20 yrs!! Can't believe my eyes each time we return.NO PLANS TO RETURN.My mountains and forests are gone or full of litter and rifraf.SO SAD...

Found an old oneroom schoolhouse.Over 100 yrs old.AR. flatrock x/terior.LORD it was a mess!! I got out of the car,something washed over me,I cried...I just FELT I was home!! can't explain it..

DH is great(most of the time!!)he's not quit into the work that goes with sort of lifestyle...he's working on it! We have 3 BEAUTIFUL kids! All are grown and moved on.Amber is 22 now,Leah is 19(she's not too far away)Any my baby..Chance,he's my only boy and the youngest.he's 18 now.Comes and goes...He's spent most of his life in Germany,believes thats his home.That child speak 5 languages..can you believe that?

No Grandbabies yet...They all say"NOT YET MOM!!",I guess I taught that 'lession' too well!Guess I'll have to wait.

Any way...we have two beautiful acres.We've been here less than a year.LOADS of work to do,but I love it.Dirty and sore is my idea of a perfect day!My DH thinks I daft,I get so tickled when my neighbor brings be a load of manure for a suprise!!!

We have a dog,she's been with us for near 12 yrs..a real traveler she is.Her name is Nikki,Ridgeback/pitbull.Saved her from a shelter in Lagoona Secca Ca.2 Cats.Puddy is about 6 yrs...a WAL-Mart special,TN.Squeek came with the house.was wild,became VERY ill last summer.Took her in,$200.00 at the vet.She's happy and healthy now.

Will have chickens,a hog and a heffer this yr.

Gee now that I look at it,my story ain't much...you just wait!!

God Bless to all!!

(Zone 6a)

My name is chris . I have lived in the boonies for 15 years.We just moved further up in the hollar...this year. Traded houses with a neighbor who couldn't keep his place up..My mom says you know your a red neck when you trade houses with your neighbor... We have 13 arcres and are surrounded by national forest on 3 sides.I have 2 boys 10 and 13. I am a cardiac care nurse. When we moved in the weeds where taller than the house and half of the siding was off. Since have built a large pole barn and bulldozed the yard, made a drive way and tore down a barn. This spring after we finish tearing down the old log house by the creek we will start on a veggie garden. I have made flower beds on three sides of the house so far but I am waiting for everything to kind of evolve and find its own niche. DH hads promised to build me my own toolshed(get my junk out of his way) I want a little cottage like house with a window and window box that I can see from the back deck..I also want to build a wishing well out of rocks from the creek. We have 3 dogs.Rocky (Chow),Angus(black lab), and Little Buddy (He found us)Both boys play basketball and baseball the only sports our small school has. But I love the class sizes of 20 to 1...I love this forum...

(Zone 5A)

I'm Catherine from NW Illinois - another escapee from GW. Our (Husband and I) place is about 40 miles east of the Quad Cities Iowa. We have just 5+/- acres and a big old remuddled farm house (with an attached greenhouse - unused so far), machine shed and barn. I moved here 5 years ago from Chicago but still (have) to work in the City and commute. I am home at the farm just on weekends and want to have chickens when I can figure out how to take care of them when I'm not home. I'm a passionate gardener - am planting up my 1/2 front yard into garden rooms (4 rooms so far). I have an old apple/pear orchard - had some delicious peaches but storms destroyed those trees - am planting peach trees this season.
A long time ago I used to live down in Louisiana not far from Lisa and that's when I knew the rural life was for me. My home place is my sanctuary and I am getting closer to God each day I spend here. I long for the day I am home on the farm all the time.
I'm almost 44 - my birthday is week after next (Lisa are we twins, lol?)- no kids, two cats, 1 dog. I recently started writing again and began working in paper arts and plan to start sewing again. The farm fuels my desire to be creative - its such a place of possibility. I'm glad to see you all.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Another MidMissourian here. About 2 and half years ago hubby and I had the opportunity to move back to the farm next to the farm I grew up on. My brother lives on our Century Farm (in our family since 1832) with his young and thriving family. I got the back part of the farm I grew up on and decided to buy the farm I live on now that attaches to it. Brother and I both live on hills with fertile creek bottom land between us. Hubby and I have 334 acres with most of it leased for corn and soybeans. We live in an old rundown farmhouse that we love but needs lots of work. This farm was owned by my Dad's best friend when I was a kid. At that time it was a beautiful place. I spent time playing over here as a child and remember it well. Now the old barn is on the ground but hope to use the lumber for many other projects. To finance my farming habit I work in a community about 28 miles away. My dream is to retire to the farm and plant what I want and raise what I want and have the time to do it. Right now I raise mostly sheep and poultry although I have a little of this and that. I also have a passion for gardening, flowers, Grandchildren, genealogy, canoeing, trading seeds and plants, and I could go on. I was a first time Grandma in December and expect a Grandson in April. I also consider myself Grandma status to my brother's young family.
After about 26 years of living in town my husband is adjusting nicely to farm life. This is the first year he has shown much of an interest in farming and is now asking questions about grasses, etc. His realization that you can raise the best tasting food in quantity yourself has him inspired I believe.
I have ordered about 100 trees to plant in the Spring so if you don't hear from me for awhile it is because I am somewhere in the woods, planting walnut, pecan, and American Chestnut. I have gotten butternut and heartnut seeds in a trade from Nova Scotia, it will be interesting to see if they germinate and if the persimmon seeds I sent there make it.
You can probably tell I'm a "talker".

Depew, OK(Zone 6a)

We live in East Central Okla. Raise a few cattle, chickens, & other stuff. Working toward quitting town job & making a living off this place, but don't think that will happen soon. Mrs. does odd jobs, house cleaning, lawn mowing, & things along that line. I drive a truck locally & am home every night. I haul rock & sand for a ready-mix co. in Tulsa. Kids all grown & on thier own. Enjoy living as independantly as possible. Produce almost all our food here.

Stanton, IA(Zone 4b)

Hi All, Jim & Dianna here. Texia is a derivative of Texas and Iowa, Jim is from Texas and Dianna is from Iowa.

We lived in rural East Texas near New Boston, three years ago we bought the family farmstead and moved to rural Iowa.

Children are grown, now we are empty nesters, except for Jake the Labrador, Heidi and Gretchen the Schnauzers and Lucky the cat. We also have a barn full of cats, some friendly and some not so friendly. Our motto "All god's creatures great and small, Jim and Dianna feed them all", that also includes a multitude of bird feeders.

We spend a lot of time restoring the 1800 era farmhouse and gardening. I work at a local window factory and Dianna is a nurse.

We garden a 1/2 acre of vegetables, and have a few fruit trees, (pear, cherry, apple and plum). We put away as much as we can for the winter, mostly tomatos and green beans plus jams and jellies.

We also have a large (5' wide) row of rasberries that needs to be brought under control, help!

I am looking forward to the exchange of information on gardening and other activities.

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Well... here goes:

Born in Louisiana, and still live here. I am a happily married stay-at-home mom with three kids: two boys (17 and 19), one girl (11). Gardening is not a hobby, it is an obsession. Sixteen years experience yields great results (and so do two able boys). As I write this we are in the process of constructing a pond, and still working on hubby to make it bigger... seems to be working...
I am also an animal lover, along with my daughter. It seems lately that I have been inheriting her animals... We have two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and a hamster.

Provo, UT(Zone 6a)

Hello from Utah: It's nice have a place where so many like minded people can associate and share Ideas and dreams. I too really like the crisp and clear and easy to navigate site that Dave has created; so much better than most of the others. I have been gardening in ernest since about 1977, the year I got married. I am sure like many of you, our interest in growing things started as a youngsters in grade school when we grew beans and such in milk cartons on the window sill. Gardening is a way of life to me. Where ever I have lived, I had to have a garden no matter the size.
I also have an interest in small live stock. We have had chickens and sheep in the past but now live in the city limits and have to abide by animal retrictions codes, but do have some rabbits for meat and manure for the garden.
We have plans to move into a rural area in about 4 years.
All the kids will be out on their own(I hope!)Will have finished 30 years with present employer and then on to something else.
I have enjoyed reading all the posts thus far. This looks like a really cool place to hang out.
Reed Miller

(Zone 5a)

Good question. Who am I??? First... happy for the first time in many, many years. My ex and I are back together after 3 years apart and my children and I are so, so happy. There was a hidden blessing in our separation. He quit drinking, found a Higher Power, I gained some guts and received conformation that God is alive and well and will help if only I believe. We bought a farmette just last month. We've been "kicking it in shape" for the last month and waiting patiently until the snow goes away, then we'll move in. We can't afford a tractor until we sell our other house. Right now we only have two cats. I have designs on a herd of goats so they will be quick to follow us down the lane once we move in. We ordered our chicks and they will arrive on the 25th of Feb. We're building the chick cage tonight. Has anyone seen that darn heat lamp I bought at that auction 10 years ago??? I have two children 9 and 11 and two big children 22 and 20. I am also going to be a grandmother in June. Clayton Allen (can you guess he's gonna be a Texan?) The farm is in northern Illinois. I also made web page maybe you would like to see. http://members.aol.com/gg4you4170/Golden/GoldenAcres.htm There isn't much there yet, but there will be soon. Who am I? Vicki from IGT Golden Acres

Just in case you were wondering... IGT stands for In Gods Time

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Patty....no I'm not kidding yet.I leave that to the does.
Just KIDDING.I can't believe I did that.Anyway the girls should start producing around the first of March.Looking forward to that.
Justmelisa.....Small world isn't it.We visit our daughters in Milton and Abbevill,La.once or twice a year.Lived in Lafayette and Delcambre for about 9 years while they were growing up.Maybe we can have coffee some time.

southeast, NE

Looks like I'm the first Nebraskan here. Thanks Lisa for starting this and sorry for the delay (had some e-mail problems again). We live in southeast Nebraska between the two "big cities" of Lincoln and Omaha. Dh and I live on 80 acres that have been in his family for over 100 years. We raise 60 ewes, 3 goats, about a dozen cats, a few chickens and one border collie. Our ewes have just started lambing and one of our goats just had triplets. We have a 19 year old dd who in 1993 decided she wanted to raise cattle as a 4-H project. Every year she reinvested her $$ and she now has 18 cows, 1 gomer bull, 1 real bull, 3 steer calves and 2 heifer calves. Here main thing is showing cattle and we back her. We back her so much that she is now away attending college at the Univ of Nebraska and we are taking care of her cows. She has shown all but the gomer and 3 of the cows so they are all quite tame and are big babies. Our dd is majoring in Agriculture Education and wants to either be an Extension Agent working with 4-H kids or be a FFA advisor/voc ag teacher. She also wants to sell more of her calves as show calves. She was so excited this year because she sold 5 heifers to be shown by other kids. DH works full time away from the place and I have a home based business helping set up workshops and doing bookkeeping so I get to midwife the sheep, goats and cows during the day. It's so nice to meet all of you. I'm looking forward to our future discussions.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hey Jewel, So glad to see you made here!! It was Patty's doings, not mine! She is the one who told me about this great place. She mentioned to Dave about a farm forum, I begged!! So good to hear from you! LIsa

Lowden, WA(Zone 5b)

Hmm... where to start? Okay, my real name is Claudia - thistlebritches is a nickname hubby gave me after landing on my ass smack dab in a big thistle patch when working cattle a few years ago. We live right in the middle of 640 some-odd acres of farm, scrub and pasture ground. We run the pastures and rent out the farm ground and have a lovely river that winds thru our place. *Love* it here!! Oh -"here" is in SE WA state (zone 5-6) in a little town named after hubby's family - they've been here for aeons. We have cattle, horses, 2 dogs, a few barn cats and even some feeder pigs every now and then. Wildlife abounds and I end up sharing my gardens with them all every year whether I want to or not. ;)
We have a darling daughter - 14 mos old - and I'll be (ugh) 29 this year. Just switched from years of full-time work to a new job 8am-noon and we have a home-based business with Excel Communications as well. This is allowing me to follow my passion and spend more time with my babies (more planned in the next several years) and my gardens.
I raise veggies, flowers, herbs, and am starting on trees, but adore "smelly" plants. My pride and joy is a rosemary officinalis that I've had for almost 5 years (in a zone where they regularly freeze out) and it is now over 5' tall and 6' wide!! It is blooming again as I write this, and I *still* have seed from last winter if anyone wants any!! LOL It's amazing how much seed one plant can produce!
Now I'm trying to decide what kind of greenhouse to put up as hubby has surprised me by saying he'll build one as my anniversary present. All my seed starting, propagation, and tender plants until now have been done in a small screen-porch that I have converted to a makeshift green-room (double-wall plastic, scavenged shelving, and grow lights work wonders! LOL)
I'm tickled to death to find this site (thanks Dennis!) and hope to have more time to visit in the future!! It's nice to find "kindred souls". :)

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