Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

I noticed how much you like lamps! Take a look at these two beauties. I found them in a friends dad's attic. They were tossed aside under heaps of treasures! They gave me these two lamps and they kept the mauve colored one. The lamp shades were still intack however there were no coverings on them, the fabric had long been dry rotted. I bought the new shades at Wal Mart, but wish I could have had the old ones recovered. I just love the glass knobs on top the lamp shade. My friend is in his mid fifties and remembers seeing these lamps in his old aunts house as a little boy.

Thumbnail by justmeLisa
New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Oh my, I love this a lot so beautifully Old Victorian, my favorite. Some day hope to find me at Fleamarket might have not always easy to find.

Sharpsville, PA(Zone 5a)

very pretty! nice old bases. :)

Seattle, WA

Considering how many of our aunts probably had those same lamps (mine did!), you sure don't find them very often. I don't remember the shades, as I was at the level of the people in the picture on the base. They seemed to be quite enjoying themselves. Sometimes you'll find a plate with that same graphic on it. Very romantic.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

They're beautiful lamps!! And the shades you bought for them are perfect!! ....It's always fun to go "treasure hunting"! ;)


Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi, Lisa
Lovely, lamps. And free, you cannot beat that price. Do you antique much? I collect some glassware and pottery mostly.

I like McCoy planters. I have a couple of the Brush/McCoy ones. Hull and Shawnee are pretty pricey. We were back down to KY Lake over fall break camping and I hit a couple of the shops.

Sometime I use this site for reference, you might try looking up your lamps.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi girls,
That picture is an old one, from 2002. When it came back up it made me miss my old home for a few minutes! (in Louisiana)

Those lamps now sit boxed up, no room to put them out for the moment. Funny thing, since I've moved here I have a different take on things. It is odd how that has changed.

I don't collect anymore, but I used to collect milk glass, however, I still enjoy going to junk shops to just look around.

thanks for the link.

happy junking!

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