Journal - Jan 10

Woke up groggy and tired at 7am, but ready to start another day. First up is to catch up on all the posts on DG, work on my programming todo, and then on to the fun stuff. I'm going down into the bottom floor of my barn to get some of those 12x1 boards to use to build my cold frames. I'll bring them up to my woodshop and maybe get so far as to cut them to size.

I'm also planning to go manure hunting in the pasture. I'll add this (and some extra straw) to my compost bin, which is filling up nicely this winter. The sun hasn't come up yet, but we're having a beautiful sunrise here in the mountains of East TN. :)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good Morning all! You are a early bird Dave, you beat me here. Did everyone get to see that beautiful moon last night? That is another great thing about being in the country! It was really big and bright. Chilly morning here this morning, I haven't heard the temps yet, but I can tell by this old house it is chilly. I have to go to town today (ugh) and do the Wal-Mart thing. I hate grocery shopping. Well, gotta run, coffee is ready & I have to go let the critters out! Ya'll have a great one today. Stay warm. Lisa

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Just time to check in and type a short note. This house is a mite bit chilly this morning too. I'll turn the stoves up a notch for a while to take the chill off. DGS has a 9 o'clock appointment with a chiroprator. He's been complaining off & I for a while of his lower back hurting and his left leg not feeling quite right.
About 8 last night I decided that DGS & I would work on the snail problem in the 30 gallon fish tank. I thought he could scoop out all the gravel and clean it while I took the Magnum filter apart and cleaned it really well. I figure it would take about and hour and we would go to bed about the usual 9:30. HA! HA! HA! We finally finished the job about 11:30. We didn't even put the old gravel back in. I found some other that hadn't been used for a year or more and washed up to put back in. Really not enough of it, but better than nothing. At least I'm sure there are no snails or snail eggs living in it to reinfest the tank. Changed the ornament for the catfish to hide under too.
One of the things I really like here is that Dave posts every day and acts as tho one of us. That makes for a really homey and family atmosphere.
Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone.

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

I've been browsing here for the past hour. What a great place! Now that the sun is up over the mountain I'll have to tear myself away to bundle up and head out to the animals. It was 6 degrees when I got up this morning. At least the sun is out! And tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy again. So I better plan on picking up the feed from the mill today, so hubby can unload it when he gets home.

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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning you earlybirds! It's still dark here. We got about a half inch of snow overnight, still have some fine flakes comming down. Mamakane I am glad you found us here. It's a great place. Evamae, have you thought of putting that aquarium gravel in a big pot and boiling it to kill the snail eggs? I used to have several aquariums when I lived where I couldn't have farm critters. I raised fancy guppies, and swordtails, traded them back to the pet shop for credit on supplies or fish. I used to get angelfish when they were dime size, raise them to silver dollar size and trade them back as well. My worst problems were ick and fungus. How do you scrub a fish?!! Dave, I thought I was the only one on the prowl for manure with shovel and wheelbarrow! Happy composting it's a good balance after all those hours with the computer. (Maybe Spike needs a compost fix?) Ok, 'nuff said. Lisa, your comment about the pretty moon and it being another reason for living in the country made me think that a lot of city people have never been able to look up and see stars. Too many street lights! Everybody enjoy your day.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All,
We got a light dusting of snow and it's still freezing here! My morning was spent trying to drink my coffee while loading the jeep with firewood. I found my work gloves only after I had 1/2 the jeep full of My neighbor is having major renovations to her house and I have tons of those drywall buckets now :) One can never have enough of those things! Someone just asked me if I had any chicks for sale. My reply was..check with me when everyone is thawed out in the Spring. Lots of people returned ducks and chickens to my friend when they found out that those cute hatchlings grow up to be adult manure spreaders. If only people would think first what they are getting into and look at the commitment over the lifespan of an animal :) Have a great day everyone!
ps..I am missing the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this year. My favorite is the draft horse pulling competition :(

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