Sheep Shed and Wooden Pallets

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Ok, so I only have umpteen projects on my hands here but...has anyone ever built a small shed/barn/enclosure from pallets..or made a corral with them? I have unlimited access to free clean, untreated hardwood pallets. I also need to build a small sheep shed for 2 miniature sheep. I'd like to use these pallets in the maximum way that I can and purchase as little as possible (2x4's, etc..). I did make a chicken coop and hen house out of pallet wood but I was thinking more of trying to leave the pallets intact to use them, instead of cutting them up for the wood. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments are welcomed :)
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Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Drive some t-posts where you want the perimeter to be, wire the pallets to them at the top and bottom. A post, 2 pallets, another post, etc. Nail some plywood across the top and cover the roof with a plastic tarp also wired to the pallets. If it needs to be larger than 8 feet across, use the sides to support a pole or 2x6 on edge in the center, nail one edge of the plywood to it, the other to your side wall, then put the tarp on. Just make sure the roof drains to the lower side of the building. You could use taller pallets on one side, shorter ones on the other. This makes a pretty good small critter barn that has plenty of ventilation so ammonia doesn't build up as much. You won't be able to stand up in it unless you add a second row of pallets supported by wiring some corral poles or 2x4's to the t-posts. On a second row you also will need some triangles of plywood or scrap lumber nailed across the corners for stability. And maybe another pole or two across from side to side to help support the roof, more if you get heavy snow, or strong wind. It's amazing what you can build in a hurry with a few pallets and some wire.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I've used pallets for making several pens. I've built compost bins, then planted tomatoes around it with the largest part of the plant under the bin and its contents. Then I tie the plants to the boards as they grow. You can plant cukes, squash, etc. in the center of the bin if you wish. But the vines will be HUGE so be prepared for that. Perhaps a bush type would be ok. Didn't try that. Or some marigolds, petunia, etc..
Someone in Sedalia has fenced in their yard with the pallets. Painted the pallets white. It's very attactive. If you look around sometimes you can find large pallets that are used to transport plate glass window, etc.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks Mary and leaflady..I will use the suggestions! I cannot see having such good wood go to waste so I'll use as much as I can. Plus, I love to recycle things and save $. I like the compost bin idea..that's easy enough. The fence sounded neat, too. The wire is a good idea. Any other comments or ideas..feel free to share them :)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

You can also make a hay feeder with a pallet. Position it so that the slats go up and down. Nail the bottom to a wall so that the top slants out toward the sheep, or goats. Use wires or chain to support the top, maybe a foot of space between the pallet and the wall. Slip the hay in and the critters put just their noses in and nibble it. A four inch space for noses is plenty even will full sized sheep. Just be sure they can't possibly get a head through. Be sepecially careful with lambs. A piece of wire with 2x4 inch holes will make it safer. Goats will wreck the wire unfortunately so in their case a wooden slat or two nailed to the inside will fix that. Much less waste. You can add a wooden trough under the pallet and feed grain in it, and the trough catches fine pieces of hay they pull out, so this is a pretty waste free feeder. Mine had a 12 inch wide trough about chest high to the animals. Goats will use it to put their feet in and pull the hay out the top as long as they can reach it. They like to do things differently. Sheep have better table manners, keeping all feet on the ground, but the lambs will try to lay in the trough.

Plato, MO(Zone 5a)

I also have An unlimited supply of nice untreated pallets.I use they for everything!Compostbins,trellesses,Bases for coldframes.Lay them flat w a bit of weed block between slats(sides),fill with good soil,plant your herbs!

Got goffers/moles/wrap the bottom of pallet(s) with mesh wire.sink to depth backfill with garden soil,layer plant your bulbs.!!

Buiding a chicken house/coop.Pallets wrapped in wire for base and sides...lets see that fox get in there!Momma hog squish'in the babes?remove bottem slates of pallets,anchor or sink them(GOOD!!)piggies get under,momma on 'her side'.

Got cha' thinking....GO!!


(Zone 5a)

How about some more ideas on that fence made from pallets? Just stand them on end? What?

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Yes just stand them up on end and support them with metal t-posts driven into the ground. If you look around you will discover that pallets are made several different ways. A fence can reflect your personality, all the same (orderly), random (you like variety), or using 2 styles or alternating one standing up, the next on it's side (somewhat flexable~ this is your pseudo-psychology lesson for the day!) Wire them to the posts at the top and bottom. Use some rocks under the edges to keep the wood up off the ground a little and level it. If this fence isn't to fence critters in or out you can paint it, decorate it, or dress it up a little. here are two ways to treat the top of your fence made of pallets if you have the kind that have the slats extending past the 2x4 middle: saw the tops at an angle (all slanting the same way or pointed in the middle like an old fashioned picket fence), or hang some baskets of flowers from those slats and you have a growing fence. You could also plant vines next to it, or like leaf lady grow tomatoes or squash. Hang an old pair of leather work boots by their laces over one of the slats and plant trailing type flowers in them. Park that old wheelbarrow with the hole in it next to the fence and plant flowers in it. Lots of things come to mind here.

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