Journal Friday, January 12

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning all. I put the dogs out a couple hours ago because one was barking in the utility room. They went out with a chase it out of the yard attitude but I don't know what they were chasing. I threw DeAnna cat out about 11:30 so I actually got a decent uninteruped night of sleep. She likes to wake me up to play for a while every couple hours during the night. Ignoring her is next to impossible. Sometimes I get rather testy with her and she leaves me alone for a while longer. Boy will I be glad when it is warm enough for her to stay outside all night every night! We've tried locking her out of the room but then it gets really cold in there. We put up a screen that just fits the door frame but isn't quite as tall and now she climbs it. Or she hooks the plant room screen door just across the hall letting it bang just a little. She and the other cats don't get along-at all-so we can't keep her in the utility room with the others and the dogs. A real pain. If I hadn't had her since birth & she wasn't a blue cream she likely wouldn't still be here. I remind myself and DH that we only have to put up with her in the house every night for about 4 months out of the year.
We're off to Columbia for DH's appointments at the VA clinics this morning. Maybe will get to say "Hi" to Kathy Jo. We have enough recyclables to fill the rear part of the van. We cleaned the trash cans in the garage the other day, getting it all separated and bagged. Everything I can get my hands on to haul off is leaving today. Of course it is very possible that we will bring home a few of someone else's discards.
I hope we get to do some shopping while in Columbia. I would like to get some oil based perfume at Makes Scents and a couple really fancy guppies. It will depend on how DH feels after the doctor visits.
Have a great day everyone.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

GOOD morning everyone,
today will be a busy day here, we are getting ready to go down to Adrian michigan tonight for a Wrestling tourny on saturday. My son won both his matches last night =} So i wont be able to read the new post till i get back.
The weather is mild right now, snow is melting(only a 1 1/2ft to go) No storms do till sunday-snow n freezing rain are on the way!yippy skippy! Im so jealous of all those 60's temps down south! turn your fans north and blow it this way! well its time to get the 1st grader up n moving!
everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend-wish us luck! talk to ya soon.

Good Morning
Hey Dori---My son is also a wrestler. Started this year and he is doing pretty well. He is tall and skinny so its like wrestling a worm!! Ha ha. All those years of wrestling with this brother has paid off. He sometimes forgets that he cant put the kid in a full Nelson!!
I dont know about the rest of you but I just wish I could wake up and find it Spring! Tired of this cold and want to start my gardens.
My new puppy discovered my chicken and the chicken isnt happy about it. He he. If the chicken wouldnt run she would be fine. But its a Whippet pup and they just love to chase.
In three weeks maybe the groundhog will tell us spring will be early. Keep your fingers crossed!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good Morning all! I am listening to the weather man as I type and my ears perked up. He said the words I've been longing to hear:"unseasonable warm over the weekend". Never sounded better!! EvaMae, LOL! My mom has a cat problem like that-keeps her up all night. I am glad mine behave. Notmartha, congrats on you sons wins! I hope he does well today.Janice: keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Not much to report today. A really sleepless night. Dogs barked alot so I got up and had to rescue a possum for the 3RD time!!DH sleeps through the whole thing. Boy is that possum dumb,(or I am-should shoot him) he just keeps returning for more. I catch him by the tail and haul him off across the fence and he is back for more. I must look a site hauling a possum off by the tail in my red flannel PJ's and black rubber boots!LOL. Have a good day all, blessings, Lisa

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Greetings, all -
Everyone's been ill around here. I think we are finally all healthy. Just in time, too. DD has a concert tomorrow, and an all day rehersal today. I'm keeping DS home with me and we will drive DD to her rehersal (40 miles away - love my truck!) and then go back later to pick her up :-) Better than going to work, though ;-) DS could go to school, but since I have the day off and he's been ill, we thought we'd stay home and play hookey. I think I might take down the holiday tree and cut it up into mulch. I've got a semi shady corner that I'm thinking of putting in an azalea later on...

Dave, love the sunrise. I'll have to go check out the barn.

It stormed all yesterday during the day, but lightened up during the evening. Took one of the dogs down to pickup one of my DDs from Tae Kwon Do last night. He loved it - good thing he's an obedient dog - at 88 lbs, he's taller and stronger than me! (Although I outweigh him almost 2:1!) Can't take the other dog anywhere, though - she's a yearling dobie and think she has more testosterone and muscle than anyone around :-) Big baby at home, but strangers - I really think she'd kill someone who entered unanounced who wasn't "part of the pack". She definately can't be in the house with strangers or she'll sit in front of them and bare her teeth. No growl, and she wouldn't actually attack - just stare intently with that "Please, make my day" look. Hard to believe she's such a big baby and likes to pile up on the floor with the kids (human) like puppies and watch TV.

We're doing a recycle/dump run this week, too. Should be fun, in the rain. At least we'll get that stack of cardboard out of my living room!

Dori - good luck on the wrestling match. I think sports is so important to keep kids focused and give them something to do besides hang out and get in trouble.

Well, take care everyone.



Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. We have 24*, wind and snowdrifts. Hubby is out now plowing the driveway with the tractor. That will also make doing chores easier. Yesterday it snowed/rained a little while/ snowed, ect on and on all day. In the evening after dark the wind came up, it kept snowing so now we have sculpture! Very pretty! Nothing more exciting here today for me than house cleaning. We have a missionary comming for the weekend who will stay with us. Saturday we will go to Boise, Id. to meet his plane, then about Monday hubby will take him to about 250 miles to the next place. This man started a Bible training school in Tanzania that trains 200 Christian workers a year. The founder/director is the man who will be here. Gotta go, we have hungry critters looking over the fences. Those big brown eyes can really make you feel guitly! Count your Blessings. PS, Dave, where is the barn picture? I think old barns are so neat.


The barn is right here:


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Thanks Dave. Your barn needs a little work! I think the roof leaks. What's the plan for it, salvage what you can? Repair/rebuild? Lots of pretty good lumber in it I think, and cement block ~ or is that rock? Looks like it was a good one at one time.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Morning All...actually good afternoon! I spent the morning getting firewood, ugh. I think everyone is onto this place where I get the free stuff. Last year, I was always the only one loading up and this year there've been people behind me everytime I go there. Today, 3 pickup trucks were right behind me and 1 guy was ahead of me. The nice thing is that the guard at this place is the friendliest makes your day to run into a kind person.
Oh, I came across a guy selling his aged App mare. She is a good trail horse and it's something we eventually wanted to get here (a horse). I may have to consider boarding until the summer if I get her, since our barn is only on paper right now! Lets do list: build trellis, raised herb beds, sheep shed, corral, cold frame, make new nesting boxes for bunnies, extend chicken run, add small retaining wall in front garden from wood logs, horse barn..I must be missing something - double yikes! Oh, think about making a bat house and only dream about finishing the purple martin
Well, everyone have a wonderful weekend and smile :)

Hi Mary,

The barn is all ready to fall down any day, but you're right that the wood is still in good condition.

It's the foundation and the roof that is getting bad. The barn has obviously had the foundation re-done at least once, but the problem is the barn is on a hillside and the erosion takes away the soil that is holding the foundation in place.

I'm going to take it down hopefully this spring and store the wood away.

Then this fall when the First Annual Dave's Garden Conference and Trade show happens, we'll have a big barn raising party and quilting bee. ;-)


Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

A fat possum is good eating yeah Cher!
Tastes like ..... possum.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Mais whey, cher! My dad was a Nutra/Gator trapper while I was growing up. Ain't much this lil'cajun gal hadn't cleaned, skinned and eaten!;-) Bye! Lisa

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Hey Bud...hey Lisa...
"Mah children are hongry, my dawg needs a bone.
I ain't got a job, and I'm drivin' on home....
It's just after sunset, and to my sweet dee-light...
Thar's five pounds of possum in my headlites tonite....!!!

(FIVE pounds of possum in my headlites tonite!
If I can run 'im over ever' thangs gonna be alright!
We'll have some possum gravy (oh what a wunnerful site)
Five pound of possum in mah head...lites...toooooo..nite!!

(Excerpt from one of my favorite country songs.)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Horseshoe, The whole time I was reading your little ditty, I kept thinking to myself..I says: Myself, "I didn't know that ole' Horseshoe was so talented! He could be a c/w song writer!" I was sad to read at the bottem that it was not an original piece! :-)

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Nope Lisa, I have to share the glory on that one..however, I've written some pretty funny songs...when I see an opening somewhere along the way I"ll treat you to an excerpt from time to time (until I start boring you with too many tales and songs, anyway).

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