Journal Jan13,2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good morning all.I am starting to think I'll never see the sun. Cloudy and chilly here this morning. Nothing to report. DH is home today and we play catch up work. Lots of outside chores to do. Sad day today, they found my neighbor where I used to live dead. She had been missing for almost 2 days. They found her 2 states over. So sad. She was a beautiful person. 60 years old and a loving wife. I feel so bad for the family. Sorry to be so depressing, I guess I just needed to get it out. Blessings, Lisa

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor lady. Is cause of death known yet? 60 isn't that old, girl. I'm just a year and a half from that age and DH passed it a few years ago.
The sun is out, but I haven't been outside yet. Too busy e-mailing senators regarding the confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General. I was somewhat suprised to find that 3 of the Democrat members of the Judicial Committe have web pages, but no e-mail addresses listed there. I'll have to try to get to them another way. Then Ill start on the Republican members.
I need to go get the mail before the post office closes at 9. I guess we'll go to town sometime today. DGS needs a new and non-motherboard attached video card for the computer he uses for his homeschooling. DH got prices in Sedalia then we tried Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Circuit City in Columbia but found nothing. Only Office Depot even had any and they were the same price as Staples and WalMart in Sedalia.
Have a great day everyone.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Lisa, that's so sad about your neighbor. Do you know what happened to her? This forum is a family, that's ok, many of us will pray for you and her family. We have several inches of new snow from yesterday. Looks like it is done for a while. I plowed a little yesterday when I did the chores since I had the tractor out. Hubby had done a pretty good job before he left earlier. He said it snowed all day in town (18 miles away in the valley). First thing when it got light enough to see I notices the horse who had been hung up in the fence was stuck in it again! That is twice in about 3 days. This time he had his front leg going upward over a wire and his knee bent with his lower leg and hoof going back toward his body through the next lower space. How did he do that? I had a two stage rescue to get him out and finally had to let the wire gate down to loosen it and finish the job while keeping the other horses from running past him. If he had been anywhere else I would have had to cut the fence. Later when I went out to feed the horses in the big pasture they decided to play. Maggie the lead mare, instigater, ring leader, went through the gate behind the tractor and most of the rest of them followed the tractor tracks back to the haystack. They helped themselves while I spread their hay in the pasture. One mare and her mule colt stayed and ate while I went back to the barn, grabbed a bridle, caught Maggie and rode her back to the pasture with all of the others cavorting along behind/beside us through the snow. Quite a funny little parade. This morning hubby is home to help with the gates, and I know they will be looking for their chance again. Rascals! This afternoon we will drive to Boise (nearest big airport) and pick up our missionary friend. I think the roads will be in good shape by then. There is only one stretch of about 15 miles that is quite likely to be bad. We can call our neighbor who drives a snow plow for the state and get a first hand report. Hope the rest of you have a wonderful day.

(Zone 5A)

Morning All

What a sad thing to happen to your neighbor, Lisa.

Got home from Chicago in the dark/fog last night. Today is overcast and gloomy. Forecast is for a snow/sleet/ice storm tonight and tomorrow so errands must be done this morning. Husband stayed in Chicago this week (football season)so I have most of the weekend to play in my studio! My mother, who moved to a town near me last year after she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian CA, has cabin fever and I will be taking her to the movies or something this weekend.

Is there a place on this forum to upload pictures of our homesteads? Would love to see what I'm reading/hearing about...

Have a warm weekend!

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

Morning all! The sun is shinning here again! 3rd day in a row - and it's so wonderful! The snow is slowly melting but not enough to play in the gardens. So hope to plant some seeds for under my lights today. I just got a wonderful surprise package from a trader this morning. It's really put me in the gardening mood.

Take care, and my prayers are with all of you.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All, sorry to hear about your neighbor. There is a home near me where 2 sixty-year-old sisters were holding hands and were found deceased. It was rumored that their chimney backed up and carbon monoxide is to blame. Everyone, lets be extra careful in being preventative with what we can..smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, eye protection when working around dangerous things, etc...Life is too precious :)
It's a bit warmer out, so I have some things that I'll attempt to get started. I may let the hens run around outside of their coop. They are very friendly and follow you like dogs, especially if you have some bread. A few books came from Mother Earth News...a propagation guide and the country skills manual I've been wanting.
Thinking about skills...a new friend of mine..where I sometimes get morning coffee on my way to friend's barn..was telling me about his life back in India and milking cows. He has been here/USA for 1 year and is still amazed how efficient farmers are with milking cows and growing crops. His family worked in the rice fields and milked cows by hand. He was surprised that I knew how to milk a cow by hand because I lived in the USA. Anyway, I had to give him a good plug about American farmers..their dedication, knowledge, efficiency and producing for this country and being the backbone of what makes this country so great..whether a family farm or commercial farm. What struck me was that a foreign person such as this was more in tune of the advances in agriculture and ability of US farmers to carry the nation and more..than most US citizens in general. My hope is that our country never forgets that their lifestyle and everything about their lives is a direct result of American farming and commitment by good, hard-working people :)

(Zone 6a)

sorry to here about your neighbor Lisa.

Cold and grey here. Has been misting off and on. It is suspose to get in the upper fortys today(A heat wave).
Just got home from basketball practice and now we are making solar systems with styrofoam balls. I am going to try the winter sowing method for some seeds today have been hoarding plastic containers for weeks now.

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