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When to pick lemon cucumbers

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

I planted lemon cucumbers and they are growing-they are little ball shaped things. My question is-when are they ripe?
Do i pick them when they are green before they turn yellow?
These are a new one on me!!!!

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

I think the name would imply that you pick them when they first turn yellow.


Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

The yellow one was hard and seemed over ripe! *sigh*

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

About the size of a golfball or just a touch bigger is my favorite size.When they turn all the way yellow,they're overmature. I've grown these several times and they are a big favorite here. You don't even have to peel them.

Spicewood, TX(Zone 8b)

Kenny's the cuke-eater in this family and he says pick 'em right as they turn yellow ~ a little green still on them is fine. Actually, I hate cukes unless they're pickled in a nice dill brine, but I did like the Lemon cukes raw in a salad. :)!!

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