just caught my eye

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

I was reviewing the introduction thread and several of you caught my eye/ or heart. Everyone is so friendly and we all have so much in common.

Grits - I was so glad to hear you say that about the grandkids and a week. I love our 3 grandkids dearly, but they do wear us out. A week is about all we can handle. Which makes me feel guilty to admit. And our poor dogs too. They get treated as 2nd class members of the family all week long and they don't know why.

Chris - I thought you might be in my neck of WV there for a minute. "Up the hollar" is common talk here. I wish I had the opportunity to raise our kids in the school system here. The elementary school is so neat - great teacher student ratio, plus the teachers know most of the kids parents too. The school building is a neat ole place too, with wood floors and lots of windows, etc.

Tom K - Country Magazine was our lifeline when we lived in the suburbs. I saved all my back issues when we moved to our piece of Heaven in the country, but haven't had them out in years.

Jersey - your garden rooms sound interesting, want to explain them further. What kind of sewing do you do? You should see my guest room bed - full of material. Not many women have the time to sew these days with having to work outside of the home. I'm one of the lucky ones who still has time - everything from lamb halters and sling to weigh them in, to curtains, etc. for the house, to clothing.

(Zone 6a)

Most of the people who settled here came from WV..
DH's granny is 101 and stills lives here in the hollar..
But we live in rural Illinois about 6 miles from the Mississippi.I guess they never got around to crossing and going further west..There are 2 log houses left standing. All that is left of the one on our property is mostly the foundation.

(Zone 5A)


I've been remiss in telling you how beautiful your homestead is...just loved the pictures on your site.

My garden scheme is to create winding grass paths through my front yard (English style)that meander from garden to garden. I have 4 rooms so far at various stages: Mixed perennial/cottage garden; shade garden, rose/herb garden and my bird/butterfly garden. At the northwest corner of our small property is a small group of soft maples/mulberry trees. I've started a path through it and lined it with daffs and small bulbs - it will be the beginning of my secret sanctuary! NO ONE will be able to find me there and its too far from the house to hear the phone, lol.

I used to sew a lot in my younger days...when you're 6 ft tall and not exactly model thin, sewing is one way to get clothes that fit. I've got tons of fabric in my studio - am embarrassed to say how old some of it is. There are even a few pieces with the pattern still pinned to it. I just love the feel of fabrics. My intentions are always good but somehow less creative obligations get in my way. My New Year's Resolutions include setting aside time to feed my spirit through creative projects each day...so far I'm making a decent start at it. This months projects are a lounging around outfit made from fleece for my mom and lace panels for window curtains upstairs. Even though I haven't been sewing for a while, its coming back to me like riding a bike.

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