Farm News-1/13/01

Hamburg/Pinnebog, MI(Zone 6a)

Alot of talk about lifting the embargo on Cuba,especially from farmers who are wanting to sell there but we should be careful for what we wish for. ex. Cuba imported 10,000 metric tons of pork mostly from Canada,plus 100,000 tons of dry beans from Canada,Mexico & Argentina,under NAFTA if the pork & beans don't go to Cuba it comes here,now Cuba has to pay for that pork & beans from C. & M. but how will they?
they trade C. & M. Cuban sugar for the pork & beans, now with Canada shipping us more sugar than their domestic production figures show the bottom line ends up with Canada shipping pork & beans to Cuba in return for Cuba sugar which Canada ships here and then under federal AG program American farmers were paid to destroyed 7% (102,000 acres)of this years sugar beet crop to reduce our price depressing glut of sugar. We keep wishing for things;NAFTA,Freedom to Farm,trade with China,etc. and the only thing we get is fewer farmers to wish for the next thing.Where is Teddy Roosevelt and his monopoly-busting big stick?
Now to join with the above stupidness comes what our dept. of Ag. is really concerned with,and that is the size of the holes in Swiss cheese,YES-the USDA has released 15 pages laying out new regulations/guidelines for Swiss cheese holes,our government has decided the holes must be reduced from 11/16" to 3/8" in order to qualify for a federal Grade A rating. I certainly am glad the government has finally stepped in and taken that worry off my mind!!!!!
You take care

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