Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

I checked with my computer and it says May 4. the calendar on the wall is still on April!

It is still hot, and the humidity has started to build in. I have been working out in the gardens on my way in from morning chores, but as I didn't do chores this morning because of all the aches, I decided to come here instead.

We picked up the new rototiller last night. Th guy walked it out to the truck as the box fell apart. Stan asked him if he was going to come home and run it for us, but he declined. Julia, my eldest, said she'd run it over the garden here for me before she takes it home. We bought it as a joint venture, but it will probably live at her house because she can actually take it out and run it.


Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

We did get a little rain last evening. A big storm went just to the west of us and we were on the edge. I'm anxious to go out and see if it perked up some of my plants they were looking really dry. and Catherine sent me some plants. I set them out immediately so another reason I am so glad it sprinkles last night.
Glad it's Friday. Lots of projects for the weekend, but at least it's my stuff to do not someone else's.
Kathleen ,A tiller is on my wish list. What kind did you get?

(Zone 5a)

Good Morning all, looks to be a little cloudy today but I think the temp will drop to a bit closer to the norm, I hope! Not much going on in this neck of the woods, going to get out before it warms up too much and finish my mulch spreading. Need to water my trees too, everything is so dry. I got a call Wed from DH friends wife, her sister lives in a subdivision (somewhat fancy)and her neighbor found 2 baby goats sleeping under their tree. No one knows who they belong to so they called the animal shelter who came to pick them up. Anyhow, she thought I may want to know in case no one claimed them, I spoke to the animal shelter yesterday and told them I could provide a foster home till they were claimed and they are going to keep them till Saturday then give me a call. There won't be anyone there to take them outside to eat on Sunday so they want me to bring them home :~) Maybe I'll have 2 new goats. Have a great day everyone.

southeast, NE

Good morning! Raining again this a.m. - so far over 2 inches. Lana, I can't imagine anyone dumping goats - strange!

Our neighbor saw the county sheriff here on Tuesday and had to get the "scoop" yesterday. He's always "watching out" for us (lol). I don't complain too much because he has chased calves for us when we were gone. He is fun - helped us watch the last survivor and had to add his comments.

DD wants me to go shopping for clothes. We are invited to 2 graduations tomorrow and the FFA banquet tomorrow night. I am not much of a shopper but she wants me to go. It's funny - I remember the days when she didn't want mom to go with her. Although, she seems to get me to pay for a few things.

The shearer came this a.m. but they are only shearing a few lambs and will wait for the ewes. Shearer and dh both have to go to work this afternoon. We are selling a few show lambs and the shearer is good at helping us price and pick show lambs.

Well I'd better go get a few more things done before we hit the stores. You all have a good day.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

We got a Craftsman - they were on sale and we really don't need it for heavy work - what with all the tillage equipment already here. My brother has a big Troy-Bilt Horse that he loves, and my dad has a little bitty Kiota (I think - it was a Home Depot special) that he loves. We got the front tine model as it was about 1/2 price of the rear tine tiller. We used to have a John Deere that I got along well with, but the engine seized up two years ago. If you can run them, they are wonderful, but I can't do it anymore. Julia is good about helping me out, though, so I don't have to wait for DH to get to it. He has too much to do as it is!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Greetings ~

Ah, this is the life - 50' ethernet cable, good batteries, and computer and me in the back yard! Now, if only they wouldn't expect me do actually do some work...

Strawberry fields and fresh mown hay calling my name...

Dogs love it when I work from home - they can lazy in the back yard instead of their pen - and maybe get some leftover people lunch ;-) (What? You can't feed *that* to a dog?)

I swear, Mauly, our doberman, thinks she is a deer. She runs like one, jumps like one, and *now* has an afinity for eating hosta leaves... baby hostas now residing in canine
deer-proof area :-)

Take care, everyone!

Happy Friday!


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