Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good afternoon everybody! Just came in from church and finished with lunch. (It is nice to say that without fear of getting put out!;-0)The sun is finally peaking through the clouds. It is even warm enough for short pants! Yippee! Lots of work outside this afternoon, taking advantage of the warm temps. So ya'll have a great day folks! Blessings, Lisa...Welcome KathyJo..;-)

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

We just got home from church awhile ago too, Lisa. What a message and worship time!!! I had some things ready for lunch so the guys snacked while I heated it and put it on plates. We don't sit at a table around here. The guys are usually in front of the TV and I'm in front of the computer. This morning I made a blackberry crunch(the kind with oatmeal on top),peas with cheese salad, and got out some Tyson Buffalo strips for the guys. I don't care for food that spicy personally. I opened a pint of green beans and stirred in some mushroom soup and nuked them for a couple or three minutes. I wish I was always that organized and prepared. I'm going to just take it easy this afternoon. I could use some rest time for a change.
I just looked out and noticed the bird feeders are really getting low. Maybe DGS will refill them for us. During the warmer days they don't seem to eat as much at the feeders tho I don't know where they might be getting anything to eat in the fields around here. The wild birds sure have been picking on those deer carcasses we left out for them and the dogs. Those bones are pretty bare by now. We threw the skins over limbs with the inside exposed. Those have been well worked on too. I've never done that before but will with all future deer we get. Such a simple way to feed the birds what they need to get thru the winter months.
Have a wonderful and blessed day all.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Kids are healthy again - so maybe I'll get some sleep tonight :-) DD's concert was great last night. She was part of the County Honor Band, and they played a selection from "River Dance", among other things. My other DD and I enjoyed it much... poor DH had to stay home with feverished DS. After, us girls partied up at Denny's.

I'm absolutely not organized, especially in the kitchen! Turned out to be a "good thing", though - all my kids know how to cook - even if it started out in self-defence, I and they know that they can at least cook a little something for themselves! Don't know what DH and I will do when they eventually grow up & move out though - neither one of *us* cook. Lots of salad and sandwiches, I guess!

Been nice and sunny. See some of the local growers have their strawberry plants out under remay. Mmmm, can almost taste them!

The Blackbery Crunch sounds yummy! Maybe if you get a chance, you can post it under the food thread - DD likes to try new recipes.

Take care, all.



Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Everyone,
Just getting around to a few minutes on the computer. Dreary and cold here, rain expected. Today, I met the neatest woman. She came to get a meat pen group and breeder pair of New Zealand Whites. She had the most interesting things to say about the rabbit people she's met, including an 83 year old widow who has a base stock of 300+ chinchilla rabbits! Bless her :) Anyway, we talked about espaliers, natural screen fencing, meat production, seed saving, tree pruning, shed making, homeschooling, discount books, etc. I think I picked up more tidbits than ever before, in addition to meeting a really savvy homesteading person. It makes you appreciate the diversity and contribution of each person's life. Have a good evening!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hello everyone. It's turned out to be a beautiful bright sunny day with the snow after starting out foggy. We went to church and now are waiting for more company to come to eat with us. I'll have to look for KathyJo's post, I am glad she is here. This is such a neat place Dave (and Trish) have given us. Thanks again, you are a blessing! Everyone enjoy the day.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Mary, I was so happy to see Kathy Jo's post on "who are you"...It was so good to hear from her. Looking forward to her postings. Blessings, Lisa

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I have great respect and admiration for homesteaders. They have chosen the path not frequently trod. But it is a rewarding pathway. I more or less grew up that way until I was in my teens. I think we did have a few more creature comforts(electriciy & phone but no running water), but still had to depend on the land(and my mother's paychecks)to make ends meet. That 80 acres Daddy bought when we moved to MO from Chicago was mostly hardpan, rocks, red cedar, persimmon, and wild blackberries. I think there was maybe 30 acres of it that was half way decent crop land and maybe that much that was half way decent pasture &/or hay field land. Try as he might, there was no way he could make a living on that piece of land. Now it is divided up into about 6-10 tracts of land with a house on each tract. Only sensible thing to do with it.
I really enjoy talking with older people who have done a lot of different things in their lives. They have so much knowledge to share with those of us who still have so much to learn.

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