Wintermoor what is this?

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This is what I was talking to you about..what is it used for? Is it some kind of punch bowl thing? The pictures on the mugs and the 'crock thing' shows all the castles along the Rhine(I think). I love this thing and I have no idea how old it is. I know that it is over 50 years. On the bottem there is some stencling, but I can't make it out. Thanks for the help, Lisa

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It is decorated in the same way German beer steins are - you probably noticed that. Do you think the cover is to keep flies out (as it is for a stein, I believe) or to keep a hot punch warm? I am not familiar with alcoholic punches. maybe a German concoction? Only a guess.

Syracuse, NY

I just noticed the

Grayson and grapes - for hot mulled wine of some sort?

Syracuse, NY

Grape leaves and grapes
For hot mulled wine of some sort?


columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

It is very beautiful.

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It is for hot spiced wine...gluhvine, (my Austrian GrandMother served hot spiced cider instead) I don't know if it is more of a Bavarian custom to use that kind of set or not. I hope someone with better knowledge sees this.

Sherrie In, NH(Zone 5a)

Does it have a place in the lid where a ladel can go? Wish I could see the insignia.

Most of what I found they call them a tureen/soup bowl/punch. Closest I can find.

Hixson, TN

Crock is a good discription for your German "Bowle Set". As a Military Wife in Germany. In the mid 60's I sent several of these sets home. To the US, as gifts.These bowls held a mixture of Fruits, and Wine. I am sure it could be served warm. I always saw it served,at Room tempature. Upon arrival in a home, or shop.You were offerered from the "Bowle".(Warm Alcohol hits you harder, and faster)
The Bowl was made in the same factory,and material as the Steins. after the war. And by the late 50's. Much of the steins, and associated items were for sovinere/military trades.The fruit was firmented. Due to the fermentation. Crock, or stainless were the materials of choice. Cups were used. You drank the firmented juice. Then ate the fruit.A small "bent bowl" spoon was served with the cup.

You have estimated the time period well. I think your Bowl was made about the late 50's, early 60's Later 60's bowl were a bit more round.Also more shine to their glaze. I only count 4 Cups. Have you more? Sets I saw had 8-12 cups.The slit in the lid, allowed gasses to escape. As well as for the ladle.

A few years ago. I saw a similar set for sale in an Ebay Shop for $150. In the late 60's I paid $25. for the set.

Hope this helps.

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