Journal January 15, 2001

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Amost 1/2 way thru January already. How time flys!! Can't seem to sleep so thought I'd get up and do some Bible reading and then the internet. Searched the www for some info on fancy guppies. Found quite a bit, more than we really need. Mostly we wanted to know the gestation period. Seems its about 30 days or so. Mama can give birth to up to a hundred babies each time.
Dave, I do hope this early morning hours post doesn't get you out of bed.
It's going to be a busy day I think. Lots to get done both at home and in town.
DH says he feels better already since he stopped taking that new med the doctor put him on to hopefully increase the effectiveness of the insulin he takes. It didn't seem to have helped any in that line but has made him terribly sick-sort of like a really long hard case of the flu. He was told this might happen but to ride it out for a few weeks to see if it worked and if his body would adjust and he would stop being sick. He did, it didn't, so he quit taking it yesterday. I'm so thankful that it didn't remain in his system any longer than that. He has really been sick for a couple weeks or longer.
Have a blessed day everyone.

It's FOGGY today, for about the fifth straight day in a row. What is up with this cloud that we've been in?

If it clears up a bit today, a goal for today is marking out my new garden area with stakes and twine. Will also do the same for Trish's flower gardens in the front yard.


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all...EvaMae, must have been something in the air I didn't get much sleep last night either. I almost got up, but just couldn't pull myself up out that bed. I hope your DH feels better soon. Its has been raining for the last hour and a half. It was a messy walk outside to let the geese out of their pen. Weather guy is calling for rain all this week. Oh well, at least it might be good for the crawfish farmers. This is the time of year we need the rain for them. Have a great day everyone! Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

foggy here and the snow is melting-ground is showing in spots! suppose to be rainy turning to freezing mess later today! im going to stay inside and do my housechores(yuck)and start some more flats of seeds(yeah). my son went 4-1 in the wrestling tourny this weekend. Im still tired from the weekend!
hope everyone had a great weekend! I have to catch up reading all the post. I LUV THIS PLACE!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Seems to be a nation-wide trend? Pretty restless night for me, too. At least everyone at our house is healthy again.

Congrats on the wrestling!

Lisa, just read some of the older journal postings - just wanted to express my sympathy about your neighbors. Blessings to you.

Was a sunny weekend. Cows and calves are in the pastures on "my" side of the freeway this month. Hope to get some more pics. Something with better lighting. One of the fields have a few "long horns", so we'll see if I can add a few of those to my collection (well, if I can't have any cattle of "my own" right now, I can at least have a virtual herd! :)

Take care.


(Zone 5A)

Morning Everyone -- pretty cold and drippy here in NW Illinois. Snow melted some yesterday but refroze over night and now there are flurries. Today is a partial day off from work for me. Really ought to take down the Christmas Tree....its been up 2 weeks now. Got an email from Murray McMurray for a 'starter' chicken flock. Think I better find a local source so I can have laying chickens right away. Time to order some roses, too, I think. Lovely catalogs arrive almost every day.

Have a good week everyone.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Morning All,
Lisa.. hope your hubby starts feeling better soon :)
Jersey..I read the Lancaster Farming newspaper. I use to subscribe but it's now online. Many of the Amish farmers offer starter flocks and pullets at cheap prices. I was going to order once from McMurray but I have gotten chickens from the Amish instead. You can check out the paper at I love just reading about all of the farm animals for sale! I make the trip about once a month to that county.
That reminds me..funny thing..I drove out to an Amish farm with my sister to get some pups. We've known this family for years. I had to park behind the dairy barn because the horse buggies were going in and out of the driveway. Anyway, the one farmer didn't see my car as we walked to his other barn. He had a group of Amish men with him. After he greeted us, he asked IF WE WALKED FROM PHILADELPHIA to his farm..Yikes..about 60 miles! Only throught the eyes of a simpler way of life:)
Yesterday I was happy to finally!!!!! catalogue all of my seeds-yippe! Everything is safely stored in the refrigerator and I'm getting ready to winter sow the trees and some perennials. Today I have to make the feed mill run. Have a great day everyone :)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Today is beautiful again. Sun shining on snow makes it almost bright enough to need sunglasses. This morning I discovered that the deer have been into my garden. They liked the strawberry plants.Several places they pawed through the snow and uncovered them. I think if I move the doghouse and outside dog down there for a few days they will decide to go elsewhere. My fence should be higher, maybe that will have to be done this year. We have been here almost 8 years, this is the first time deer have jumped into the garden. The doghouse should ride ok in the bucket on the tractor. When I fed the horses this morning one was very slow comming to the feed area. He is pretty old (almost 21) and has arthritis. I walked down to check him, he looked for a treat. Maybe he will have to move in with the older mare so he will get a little tlc, not have so far to walk between feed and water, and get a few extra ear scratchings and carrots to help morale. He was my endurance horse for over 5000 miles in competition, won many awards and helped me win mileage championships several times. Hubby is off to take our missionary friend to a meeting in another town 200 miles away this evening, then Tuesday morning they will go about 250 miles to the next area where the missionary will stay several days. Hubby will drive back home Tuesday afternoon ~about 275 miles~ since he has to be back to work on Wed. morning. Spaces are pretty big out here. Thankfully the weather will be dry and the roads good all the way except possibly over the Cascade mountain pass. Count your blessings, the number will astound you!

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