May 17, 2001

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, off to work even earlier than usual today. I made the mistake of complaining about not getting to go to an educationaly seminar at work in the mornings, so off I go to get ejicated agin. No it's really a good thing. But then after work today Oldest daughter and I are going to visit THE IRIS LADY! whooo hoooo. Don't know how many iris will still be in bloom. but can't wait.
Well, my older ewes that got bred late are looking huge about now! I am now feeling really sorry for them with it getting so warm. They look like multiple births for sure. All my ewes have had single births or twins so far. I guess I better get some bottles ready in case I need it.
My three big calves are thriving. But my little Guernsey calf looks like he needs some extra attention. He doesn't look bad really, just not putting on weight like I'd like. Hubby thinks I need to feed him off by himself. Although it's an all you can eat buffet around here, I think he gets pushed around by the bigger calves.
EvaMae, too funny about the tv channels. My hubby watchs QVC or those debates on the news channels where everyone is yelling at each other and won't let the other person finish a sentence. These programs drive me nuts! OTOH he never complains about how much time I spend on the puter or how many plants I buy. and I can't believe anyone would throw away 300 tulip bulbs. I think I remember you saying you rescued some orchids last fall, how did they do and are the parakeets still loose in the plant room?
well, Gardener's Journal is coming on any second so will sign off for my daily ritual.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. The well drilling rig just arrived and is setting up about 15 ft from the kitchen window. Pray for lots of water!!! and not too deep to cost us a fortune. None of our neighbors know we are drilling a well, so they will all be looking as they go by, hope they make the corner! The sun is out, it's going to be a beautiful day. 40* at the moment, no wind. I need to ride Breezy today, finish transplanting the tomatoes, plant some other things in the garden and cover them with jugs, hope they don't cook or freeze while I am gone this weekend. And now I need to get out and get started. Smile a lot today, and count your blessings. WATER lots of water at 75 ft. Thank You God.

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Stan and Jess just went out the door in their Grandpa/Granddaughter coveralls and boots and seed company hats. She and i fell asleep in the chair earlier, so no naps now. We're having a sprinkly day - very on and off and just enough to keep me from getting much done. We moved some big rugosa roses last night and we loaded some into the truck and went around to all the neighbors that we knew might be interested, and a couple that we just stopped to see. No one turned them down. Now, I just need to find homes and beds for the rest - there were about 50 or 60 big roots. Some plants just go crazy given 50 or a hundred years on their own!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I started to post several hours ago but we were hit by the second portion of the storm just then so I turned it off immediately. Just now getting back to you good folks. The storms seem to be elsewhere for the time being. We got a nice little rain, nothing to speak of really.
I found out today that I don't work Saturdays. THANK GOD! I thought I was looking at a future with no days at home. I took the bosses a few plants today. They are in a container and were well watered this morning so they will be ok for a few days.
My lower back is objecting to me being on my feet so much, especially since it is on concrete. I wear pretty good shoes, but that doesn't seem to be enough. Ok well. I just come home and lay down with a cold or hot pack on my back for a while. I rub it good with Aspercreme and that helps too.
I got the rest of the Ichiban eggplant, the okra, and the last few tomatillos & ornamental hot peppers planted between showers this afternoon. I got wet but at least the veggies are in the ground. I really thought I was thru planting for a few days but then I checked some seed that had gotten wet and realized I will be planting Cocozelle zukes, Buttercup squash, Yardlong beans, Sugar Snap peas, Fava beans(really way to late for these)and some flowers. The seeds were beginning to sprout in the packages. I truely have no idea where I will plant some of that stuff.
I think I need to buy a few more cuke plants. Only 2 of the 3 or 4 bush kind I planted survived. Never raised bush cukes before. The peanuts are up and looking good. That's a new one for us this year.
Good night all. Sleep tight.

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