Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all! Well...more rain.Thats all I have to say. Have a good day all! Weather guy says maybe some sun on Sunday, but it is going to be cold. Can we say cabin fever?? Bye, Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

CABIN FEVER! Its snowing here again-and suppose to get colder and flurries everyday..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i could almost see the tops of my flowers! I have 2 sick boys one 17 and the other almost 4. looks like another trip to the there yesterday. If spring is moving NORTH 16 miles a day-WHERE is it now??? Is there any shortcuts it can take? CABIN FEVER CABIN FEVER CABIN FEVER!
Everyone have a great day! you southerners just know- I think about you everyday, you lucky dawgz! my sis is building on a sand mt.alabama!!!
green with envy,

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

It is more like "THE PLAGUE" than cabin fever. An epidemic!

Today we've got precipitation in the form of ice coming down. You can hear the ice tapping on the driveway from inside the house. Some more major cleanup today - gotta finish clearing out a 400 sqft area of overgrown shrub, and drag is all over to the burn pile. Add to that about 800 sqft that's already cut down but still needed to be cleared away and carried to the burn area.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

We have sun here and a nice day for a change. The rain is heading this way so I hope to get lots done until then. I stocked up at the feed mill and decided to put the chickens on a scratch feed. Does anyone else use this? I wanted to give them a break in laying and not feed layer pellets. Oh, I saw the neatest wall built/stacked on my way over to my friend's barn. Someone built/put together a 4 foot fence around their property using stacked, cut logs..picture ongoing cords of wood. It looked so picturesque! These people have a house with cedar wood exterior so everything matched, even their horse
Dori..hope the kids feel better :) We go through the sickness thing and it's rare for everyone to be feeling better at the same time. My kids already know the after-school routine about washing hands and my 4-year old already says when he comes home from, don't tell me..I know... My 5 year old comments..I'm washing them, I'll use There's nothing like training these guys young - he he! Cheers,

southeast, NE

Good morning! It's cloudy and kind of damp feeling out. I think it's supposed to snow later today and tomorrow. Dh stayed home sick today - has a bad sinus headache. We had another ewe that lambed through the night. When dh found her she could hardly move - they sometimes get a type of paralysis. She had one lamb coming backwards so he pulled it and the other lamb was very big so he pulled it. They seem to be doing fine now. Better go - have lots to do and also have some errands to do.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Jewell I'm glad to see you posting on our new forum. It is so friendly here. You can say "I'll pray for you" and not worry about getting busted. I still am amazed that we talked about our manger scene without trouble. I am hoping Kathy Jo, Lynette, and the others will come too. Do they all know where we all went? This morning before daylight it was 4*, foggy, with a light breeze. The fog freezes on everything and makes all the twigs, horse hair on the fence, wires, and grass fuzzy. It looks pretty and I always enjoy the whiskers on everything. Oh yes, and the horses have frost on their whiskers, ears and their tails are almost white. They are looking out from under frosty eyelashes, makes me grin. Yesterday I moved the outside dog and his house to the edge of the garden to stop the deer. We don't let this one loose much, he chases cars. Most of the "cars" on our road are things like a tractor pulling a wagon load of hay with 2 or 3 border collies on top of the load, or pickups with dogs in the back. An idiot like our Scout running and barking will sooner or later be in serious trouble, either getting run over or injuring someone else's dog. I don't want that, so he is tied up most of the time, has a long chain. I feel a bit sorry for him. When I do turn him loose he won't come back to me and he always ends up chasing a pickup full of dogs before I get hold of him again. Anyhow, I don't think the deer were into the garden last night. I believe after they check it a few times they will change their route and I can move dog and doghouse back to where they were in a sheltered spot. I haven't assessed the damage, I guess spring will tell me what they killed. We have a herd of about 12 that we see regularly, but that is just one of many. It is not unusual to see 20 or 30 of them together, and in about March I see 200 together in a bunch where I exercise my horse a few miles from here. These are mule deer, they are about double the size of the ones I have seen in Virginia. The snow drives them down to lower elevations where they get into mischief and get hit on the highway. Today I am just trying to keep the fire going, catch up with the laundry, write letters, read seed catalogs and dream of spring.(And play here at Dave's place). Stay warm and dry. See you tomorrow.

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