Journal Thursday, January 18th

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I put the "pest" cat out awhile ago and it felt just nice and crisp. Only a tiny skif of white stuff on the ground.
I see that over 20 people have read my posting on LP gas stoves vs. LP gas grills. Can none of you give me an answer? This is a legitamate question-to us anyway. We are leaning toward using the grill inside but maybe not with the lava rocks.
I think I may get to stay home all day today. And DGS may actually get some lengthy lessons done with no problems from the computer he uses. DH & DGS put a new much bigger video card in it yesterday. He probably could use a bigger hard drive, but that will have to come MUCH later.
DH seems to be feeling a touch better this morning. I cut my day at Powell Gardens short yesterday because I just had a feeling I needed to get home to him. He was really sick when I got here. He had even thought about having DGS call PG and have me come home early. I think that's another case of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. As he has battled insulin dependent diabetes for 38 years, vomiting is a serious problem for him.
Are there anyother homeschoolers around here? Just curious.
Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone.

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