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June 29, 2003
11:00 PM

Post #569434

There are a total of 248 votes:

An old-fashioned reel mower
(12 votes, 4%)
Red dot

An electric push mower
(15 votes, 6%)
Red dot

A gas push mower
(97 votes, 39%)
Red dot

A riding lawnmower
(64 votes, 25%)
Red dot

A stand-behind, articulated mower
(9 votes, 3%)
Red dot

I brush hog the property a few times a season
(3 votes, 1%)
Red dot

I let the livestock keep the grass from getting too tall
(1 votes, 0%)
Red dot

I use a mowing service
(15 votes, 6%)
Red dot

No lawn (or lawn mower) here!
(19 votes, 7%)
Red dot

(13 votes, 5%)
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Baker City, OR
(Zone 5b)

June 30, 2003
12:51 AM

Post #569537

We also have a gas powered John Deere riding lawn mower, that we use to mow outside of our yard, along the driveway and around buildings to reduce the fire hazard and keep things looking tidy.
San Francisco, CA

June 30, 2003
1:13 AM

Post #569561

My husband thinks gas will cause a fire, so we have the electric, the problem is not running over the cord.


Benton, KY
(Zone 7a)

June 30, 2003
2:11 AM

Post #569634

Got me one of those Snapper zero turning radius mowers.You drive it with a little joystick at your right hand.No clutch,no levers,no steering wheel.Just point the joystick in the direction you want to go and you have your other hand free for a cool beverage.I mow nearly 4 acres of lawn,so a 48 inch deck and 18 HP is minimum requirements.
Houston, TX
(Zone 9a)

June 30, 2003
2:13 AM

Post #569638

Mowing takes time away from the flower beds. I use a mowing service.
Bedford (DFW), TX
(Zone 8a)

June 30, 2003
2:24 AM

Post #569652

I voted electric push mower...although it's a gas mower with an electric start. What a JOY! I have a scott's self propelled with electric start and it's a pleasure to mow when you can go out there, prime it, turn the key in the electric start and you're on your way. It's easily the best present my husband ever got me ; )...LOL
Mercer, PA
(Zone 5a)

June 30, 2003
2:27 AM

Post #569659

Melody, I need me one of those kewl mowers! My old (10 years and still runnin) wheel horse 42 inch deck 12 horse has all it can handle mowin my almost 4 acres!

June 30, 2003
3:00 AM

Post #569704

I wish I could find a good powered reel type mower. I have heard they are the best for your lawn. But...until then the electric rotory mower will do. Haven't lost a cord yet!
Western, PA
(Zone 6a)

June 30, 2003
3:37 AM

Post #569737

With the amount of grass to cut now limited to about 15'x20', the old-fashioned reel type is all I need. No more gas cans to store, no more, cords to cut, and no more arms to end up in a sling. All I have been able to find is the 5 reel(blade) mower. I have to go over the area 2 or 3 times for a nice looking cut. Ideally 7 or 9 reels will give the best cut. But I can not find the 7 or 9. Probable should look at antique mowers on the internet. They would have the bed knife adjustment and sharpening possibilities.
Hempstead, TX
(Zone 8b)

June 30, 2003
3:43 AM

Post #569747

i had to put other we use bush hog, riding mower, a gas push and live stock.
Huntington Beach, CA
(Zone 10a)

June 30, 2003
4:26 AM

Post #569780

Since we have a very small patch of grass, 6'x10', my dh uses a push mower on it. The grass is only for the use of my dogs business, otherwise, I wouldn't have any grass at all.

Mount Angel, OR
(Zone 8a)

June 30, 2003
4:48 AM

Post #569787

I am like MaryE , we have a riding lawn mower too and I too mow alot more outside of the lawn, down the driveway between the trees etc. It seems when you have a riding lawn mower there is more grass to mow. LOL
Scotia, CA
(Zone 9b)

June 30, 2003
5:34 AM

Post #569820

We bought a lawn tractor with a 25 HP Hydrostatic engine and a 42 inch deck and a self propelled push type to manage the property we were leasing. After 10 hours of use on the tractor they are both sitting in storage and I am mowing my postage stamp lawn with a weedwacker!
Jacksonville, FL
(Zone 9b)

June 30, 2003
4:13 PM

Post #570127

Doing my best to be kind to the enviornment & nature's critters I currently I use a weed eater to mow my lawn but an old-fashioned mower is on my wish list.
montgomery, AL
(Zone 7b)

June 30, 2003
4:20 PM

Post #570138

I put other since we use a riding mower for big areas.. a gas push mower for some areas but have to use a weed wacker inside the gardens.
Newark, OH
(Zone 5b)

June 30, 2003
7:07 PM

Post #570273

Howie wishes we had a big enough yard to justify a riding mower, but our whole lot's only 140x45' or so, and some of that's taken up by the house and our flowerbeds! ;)
Panama, NY
(Zone 5a)

June 30, 2003
7:24 PM

Post #570278

things got so far behind here last week, Stan came back from mowing hay and did a few swings around the yard with the discbine.
Fort Dodge, IA
(Zone 4b)

June 30, 2003
8:34 PM

Post #570322

Just have a gas powered push mower, not self-propelled, although I wish it were at times. It takes me a good two hours at a steady pace to mow my yard and the empty lot next to mine. I worked a deal with the landlord; if I mow the lot, he'll help with the cost of the fence to finish fencing in my back yard for the grandson and the dog. I don't mind the mowing as it is good excercise and there's nothing like the looks of a newly mown lawn! Instant gratification! Makes the flower beds look even better! :-)
Frederick, MD
(Zone 6a)

June 30, 2003
8:45 PM

Post #570332

I said other because it's a combination of a John Deere 4300 with mower attachment 2.5 acres, a John Deere gas for the long steep strips near the road and a reel mower for my "formal" garden - the only place I bag every blade.
Franklin, LA
(Zone 9a)

June 30, 2003
8:57 PM

Post #570345

Mine is a gas self propelled, but my goal is NO GRASS to mow. I hate mowing grass.
Humansville, MO
(Zone 6a)

June 30, 2003
10:12 PM

Post #570399

well i said rider but that is just the main yard use brush hog 2 or 3 times a year on some gas push mower to trim and some weed eating but that is getting less not worth the trouble and livestock from time to time although none at this time just the rabbits in the barn
Rochester, NY

June 30, 2003
10:25 PM

Post #570404

If I had money to burn, I'd be trying the solar powered self-propelled self-guiding one that Black and Decker is starting to sell. Almost like a sheep, but no cleanup.
Grove City, OH
(Zone 6a)

July 1, 2003
1:04 AM

Post #570526

We currently have a small electric for our lawn remnant, but my goal is also to eliminate grass-lawn. After two amputations in the family, no more gas mowers. And since I was one of the amputees, I won't be anywhere around any lawn mower, except reel-type.

Spring Hill, FL
(Zone 9a)

July 1, 2003
1:04 AM

Post #570527

We have a John Deere lawn tractor and a gas powered push mower. "His" and "Hers"
Flint, MI
(Zone 5b)

July 1, 2003
1:15 AM

Post #570539

I don't usually have to mow the grass, that is what the teenage sons are for. They use a self propelled gas mower.I take care of the flower gardens.


Newcastle, ON
(Zone 5a)

July 1, 2003
2:00 AM

Post #570594

I have a riding John Deere..a little one..had it for seven years now..and I have bashed into trees and bounced off things and it still goes on and on. I love it! I have one acre to cut..
I call it my "Little Deere"
This is an old photo of my niece and her friends. Kids love to ride it.

Thumbnail by Starzz
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Landenberg, PA
(Zone 6b)

July 1, 2003
2:08 AM

Post #570607

I voted riding mower, but I also do a lot with a gas push mower. Live on steep hill so can't use the rider on a lot of the areas and gotta push it. Do about 3/4 acre with each one.

Jacksonville, IL
(Zone 5a)

July 1, 2003
2:18 AM

Post #570615

I checked the gas walk-behind mower, which is what I have now, but I really prefer an electric. I have had two in the past but they just didn't last that long. I really like electrics because of the noise factor. I can mow early in the morning when it's cool without bothering any neighbors plus it is more environmentally friendly. But the greatest feature is that there is no cord to pull to get it started and no gas to remember to buy!

So I went with a fancy lawnboy this time that has electric start and is self-propelled. It's really easy to use so I like it except for the noise.
Iola, WI

July 1, 2003
4:12 AM

Post #570721

Self propelled gas mower here. I'm in the market for a cheap rider though.
Olathe, KS
(Zone 6a)

July 1, 2003
4:27 AM

Post #570737

I'm with Hygiene1 --- teenage son all the way! Gas, self-propelled.
Lincoln City, OR
(Zone 9a)

July 1, 2003
5:00 AM

Post #570757

I voted other since we have many of the things that are on the list. We have been mowing this place with a push lawn mower and one of the push string trimmer for three years and it took about three days to get all the way around the lawn and down the road. This spring I had a man who needed food for his family come in and mow the yard twice for food for me. Recently my Chiropractor gave me a riding lawn mower because he could see that I needed one more than he needed it sitting in his storage area. Our son fixed all that was wrong with it and now I can ride for much of the area but it still takes 8 hours of riding to mow it. And on the first full round our son needed a new window for his car since a rock went through it from the mower. LOL This "free" mower has now cost us over $300 in parts and broken windows. LOL Also have a self propelled mower that I love. So all together we have 5 mowers for a family of 3. LOL

July 1, 2003
5:14 AM

Post #570768

new here tonight learing you sights, cool place, neat thing going here, where do I go to say Hi, lol? you are so friendly here
Huntington Beach, CA
(Zone 10a)

July 1, 2003
6:44 AM

Post #570793


Go to the welcome mat forum and tell us alittle about yourself and gardens.

Welcome to DG,
Newark, OH
(Zone 5b)

July 1, 2003
2:43 PM

Post #571044

Arrowhead isn't a subscriber - can s/he post there? Arrowhead -- subscribe! We'd love to have ya in the forums! :)
Mpls, MN
(Zone 4a)

July 1, 2003
6:45 PM

Post #571269

I checked gas push mower.Bought it last year at walmart on sale.Just remembered i need to buy some gas to cut the grass today.
Birmingham, AL

July 1, 2003
9:55 PM

Post #571387

I have no use for lawns. Under the trees the leaves lie where they fall, except for those raked out of paths. The sunny areas are completely planted with flowering plants.

July 2, 2003
4:17 AM

Post #571713

Newark, OH
(Zone 5b)

July 2, 2003
4:21 AM

Post #571719

Wow, you've got me, Moonbeams. We've got several folks pretty good with xeriscaping here at DG -- Maybe you should check out the cactus and succulents forum! ;)
Bay City, MI
(Zone 6a)

July 2, 2003
12:08 PM

Post #571866

i have a landscaping lawn mower with a 72 inch mower deck,turns on a dime. One wheel in the back that i have to keep an eye on, as im always spinning around to fast! ;)

My dh put a diesel motor in it-it has get up n go now! still takes me 2hrs to mow the yard-at least 3acres!

I think its called a hister lwanmower! :)

July 2, 2003
8:11 PM

Post #572221

While I use a reel type push mower for the garden paths, I have a mowing service for the main lawn areas...more time to play in the garden!!

July 2, 2003
11:56 PM

Post #572384

We suspect we have a pork pie and tea propelled lawn mower. It's rare to see this activity taking place, I've never seen it, but I'm assured that the minature Savanna in the back garden doesn't magically cut itself.

We don't intentionally grow grass in the front garden but we don't have a great deal of choice in the matter. That's my job to strim in the autumn, the excuse is that anyone else will just cut down the wrong things.
Monroe, NC
(Zone 7b)

July 3, 2003
3:04 AM

Post #572558

I have a rechargeable electric. I didn't vote electric, because I think of that as a mower on a drop cord. This is a Black and Decker, and it is terrific. It holds a charge up to an hour, and mows without trouble unless the grass has gotten too high. No maintenance except to sharpen the blade once a year, and I think I will have to replace the battery after about four years - I'm not sure. No more struggles with gas powered, the tune ups, belt changes, etc., etc. Best investment in tools I have ever made!
Auburn, ME

July 3, 2003
3:28 PM

Post #572899

The reel mower may be old-fashioned but they still make em new. Mine's from the Gaiam catalog. I also saw them at Agway and in the Vermont Country Store Catalog. I wish all my neighbors had them too. None of us has more than half an acre, and those guys make too much noise! They probably feel the same way about me at leaf chopping time.


Lake Toxaway, NC
(Zone 7a)

July 4, 2003
11:43 PM

Post #574107

I have no lawn because I am on very steep mountain property with Rhoderdendrons, Mountain Laurel and lots of trees. In the winter we have a beautiful view of a mountain across a narrow valley and in the summer we look up from out deck into filtered sun coming through beautiful maples and oaks so I can't say which season I prefer for viewing
Newark, OH
(Zone 5b)

July 5, 2003
12:01 AM

Post #574123

Oh, Woodspirit, you live in our dream home!
Belfield, ND
(Zone 4a)

July 5, 2003
7:05 AM

Post #574310

I voted riding lawn mower as that's what we mostly use on our very unlandcaped 5+ acres. I'm working on cutting that down though. Building more flower beds all the time. We had a gas push mower, but one of our kids got away with that. I'd like to replace it though, since it would be handy to get into the places around the house where the riding mower can't go anymore.

We use the gas powered weed eater a lot too. I wish it was easier to start, because unless DH or DS is home, I can't get the thing running.
Albany, MO
(Zone 5a)

July 5, 2003
12:34 PM

Post #574392

I mow a little under an acre and have a Cub Cadet 20hp, 48" deck. I've owned it three years, paid a whopping $3200 for it, and wouldn't give a plug nickel for another one. The deck has 2 belts, one 108" long, the other 105" long, and cost $50 a piece, and break two or three times a season. It's sitting idle now with the starter broken, and a new one ordered. All this trouble started the very first year I owned it. The dealer I bought it from, as well as Cub Cadet, could care less about my problems, after the sell. So, anyone reading this who's thinking about buying a Cub Cadet,,,don't!!!
Houston, TX

July 5, 2003
4:18 PM

Post #574543

I voted gas push mower because that is what I use most often, but I also have an old-fashioned reel mower which I use fairly often.
United Kingdom
(Zone 9a)

July 5, 2003
6:24 PM

Post #574653

A petrol mower for the back & an electric hover for the front ( it cuts closer ) Love the petrol... BUT...our cars are diesel so buying petrol just for the mower is a pain!
Manhattan Beach, CA
(Zone 11)

July 6, 2003
5:37 AM

Post #575191

What, pray tell, is a "stand-behind, articulated" lawn mower?
Walk, run, skate or ride-behind would make more sense.

This message was edited Sunday, Jul 6th 3:06 AM
United Kingdom

July 6, 2003
7:00 AM

Post #575213

I have a john deer petrol mower as i have an acre of garden and boarding kennels its the best lawn mower we have ever had it gets used every other day weather permitting and i have no worries about using it .from lincolnshire england

This message was edited Sunday, Jul 6th 3:02 AM
Granite Bay, CA
(Zone 9a)

July 6, 2003
4:27 PM

Post #575438

Weel I have to admit to no lawn in the front yard (all Shore Junipers and Day Lilies). The back lawn area is so shady that the lawn is meager at best. I have not found a grass or grass substitute thtat will grow in the conditions there. I start my old Trimmer lawn mower up every couple of months just to make sure it still runs (and that I'm not to old to do it.) If you want to suggest a lawn or lawn substitute, please do so.

Manhattan Beach, CA
(Zone 11)

July 6, 2003
8:03 PM

Post #575633

Babytears or Irish Moss.
Honor, MI
(Zone 5b)

July 6, 2003
8:59 PM

Post #575671

We don't mow a very big space, just enough for kids and dogs to play in...when we bought our land the spot we wanted to build on was covered with wild blackberries, and it took a while to clear them out of the yard. I'm not a big believer in mowing the lawn, but prefer to let it be as wild as we can, so we probably mow less than a half-acre. The rest of the land is springs, creeks, swamp and hills...I am planting a lot of naitve plants and grasses with the idea that it will allow us to mow even less, but end up with a beautiful yard and plenty of flowers to enjoy. It's a work in progress!
Woodspirit, I think I would love to take in the view from your home!!
United Kingdom

April 23, 2008
3:07 PM

Post #4852062

I've got a Gas-Powerd Rotary Hover Mower

Thumbnail by SUNRISER
Click the image for an enlarged view.

Greenwood, AR

April 25, 2008
12:36 AM

Post #4859852

I got me a Thundercougarfalconbird 8000 Magnum Ultracutter Deluxe, it runs on jet fuel, cranks out about 1.2 billion BTUs, has 27 titanium blades, a Boeing 767 "backup" engine, and treads from an M1 Abrams's very use has been deemed a crime against nature.
Paris, IL
(Zone 6a)

June 10, 2008
2:04 AM

Post #5080083

We use a 60" John Deere mid-mount ZTR. We've got 5 acres. I mow it in 1.5 hours; takes her 2.5. In the not too distant past if grass couldn't be reached by the mower it was a weed that got sprayed with Roundup. Then "she" got the idea "I" should dig up the Roundup areas and put in garden beds. That was okay since she was into ornamental grass at the time. This year she decided it wouldn't be too much trouble for me to add a flower garden or two and put in a few plants. I've put in three flower gardens (she wants two more) and 50 plants so far. I am grateful to not be pushing a mower or using a weed whacker but all this digging and planting is wearing me out. When the plants start blooming I'll be happy I had a part in it.
Phoenix, AZ
(Zone 9b)

August 17, 2008
4:31 AM

Post #5425189

old fashioned reel mower...3 minutes to cut my small oval shaped grass patch!

(Zone 5a)

February 19, 2009
12:59 AM

Post #6158084

John Deere...small pusher mower for house yard
John Deere ... 318 for garden greens
John Deere 2040 with...8 foot deck mower, Woods attachment or sickle for the bigger jobs and brush and the daylilies
11 equines do the rest.

Wish I could find a reel mower.. would trade the gas Toro pusher with bagger

Used to have sheep.

Occassionally we burn off the perennial garden beds or use certain weeds to control other weeds. Chemical use here is very tricky as we flood and so we are limited in that anymore an dhave resorted more to organic and handpulling weeds.

Click the image for an enlarged view.

Jesup, GA

July 28, 2009
7:42 PM

Post #6876461

We thought about getting a goat herd but figured our neighbors would complain. So we bought a cub cadet . I have fallen in love with it. Hubby says I need therapy. Never thought he would come in second because of a lawn mower.
Houston Heights, TX
(Zone 9a)

October 20, 2009
8:18 AM

Post #7189166

Over a two year period, I have converted my "lawn" into a perennial garden with plants suitable for xeriscaping. I hated mowing a lawn, fertilizing and watering it so it would grow more, so I could mow it again. On the other hand, I really enjoy deadheading, staking, pruning occasionally, experimenting and "painting" with colorful plants and leaves. I have given preference to plants preferred by hummers and butterflies and as each year goes by my space morphs into another version of itself as I remove my "mistakes" and replace them. The garden also changes as my plants get bigger and the shade vs sun areas change. Also, Im on a rather tight budget so I started out with plants that were free or cheap and gradually, Im able to replace some of those with more interesting or trouble-free varieties. I try to use natives because the Texas heat is legendary and the natives are prepared to cope with our climate. Ive expanded my variety by trading with some wonderful people on DG. I like looking at the plant and remembering who traded it to me.
Huffman, TX
(Zone 9a)

October 21, 2009
11:37 AM

Post #7192787

Gravley zero turn 3 acres and lots of trees cut mowing time in half
Cedarhome, WA
(Zone 8b)

November 12, 2009
10:40 PM

Post #7268200

An old fashioned reel push mower for the herb garden and small stuff, a riding mower for the big areas, and a brush hog attachment to the tractor for the field work.

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