Can I post more than one image per message?

Northern California, CA

Can I post more than one image per message?

No, one picture per post. You can, however, have multiple posts per thread, and each post can have a picture.

Quinton, VA

How can I post a picture? Do you know?
Thanks Angelo

Northern California, CA

Angelo -

Just visit one of the forums like Photos, Roses, Brugmansias, whatever your pleasure.

Type in your message, go to the "Browse" button below the message box, choose the image from whatever directory you store it in on your hard drive, click OK, click preview to review your message and make sure you have the image you want. If all is well, hit Send. That should do it!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Posting similarly-themed photos in one thread makes good sense. There's more continuity if you post photos from a single event or theme in one thread rather than in separate threads. Visitors can follow the "story" in one thread instead of having to find all those separate threads for the rest of the pictures and information.

Additionally, it is a courtesy to DG members to combine multiple photos in one thread so other new threads are not bumped back to 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages and missed.

Here's some step-by-step instructions on posting photos:

Denham Springs, LA(Zone 9b)

I do understand how to upload a pic, but I'm having problems understanding how to upload more than one pic at a time. In Aug. Dave says there's no way to do it, however, I did see someone post 2 pics at a time just today??? I would love to know how to do this.

Thank you,

Missie :) :) :)

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Missie, if there are two pictures within a single post (not within a thread, but within a post-within-a-thread) chances are good they used a photo editor to merge/combine their images into one.

You can post as many pictures to a single thread as you'd like. But each one will go in its own post, and you'll need to include some text in the message box for them to upload (that requirement prevents people from accidentally posting the same picture over and over again, when they don't realize they've gotten in a loop and hit the submit button repeatedly ;o)

Gardiner, ME(Zone 5a)

Yes , I saw a post also and I believe there were more than 2 might have been Shirley ( Brugie ) on the Brugmansia and Friends Forum.
Perhaps somebody can tell us,

Denham Springs, LA(Zone 9b)

I know exactly who it was because I noticed that she/he was from Osaka Japan!!! It was "TomTom"!

This is the thread! Scroll down a bit and you'll see here images that were posted yesterday/July 1st. Do you know how this was done?

I find it time consuming to have to add text for more than one pic too.

Thank you Terry, for your help!

Missie :~)

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Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

She combined them and submitted them as a single image file. You'd have to ask her how she did that. (You can also check out the computer talk forum for tips for selecting and using photo editing software.

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

I use Irfanview and do panoramic images. Irfanview is a free download. I have other software, but this one is the fastest and easiest for me.

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Denham Springs, LA(Zone 9b)

Wow, you're quick Terry! I was in the process of editing my last mesg. when you replied!

Thank you for all your help! I might just have to find the right software!

Missie :~)

Denham Springs, LA(Zone 9b)

And... Thank you Brugie!!! :)

BTW- I'm a new member here and absolutely love this neat little site!!! I'm a full time mom, have a full time job and am a Girl Scout leader during the school year. I've been enjoying every minute of my surfing here and have learned ALOT!

Thank you DG!!!!!

Loveland, CO(Zone 5b)

I'm famous for confusing people with this, so I thought I'd post a reply about it. No, you cannot post multipe picture FILES at once. But I tend to make little collages of pictures in Paintshop Pro, and post one FILE with several merged photos that I've "glued" together.

Eventually, (to be read: when my homework is done ;) which may be in May, I will post a tutorial about this, as I know others want to do it, too. Of course, my tutorial will be in PaintShop Pro, as that is the only piece of software I have which can do this.

Happy posting!


(Zone 5a)

I have a scanner. I put both pictures in and scan. I send it to a ''my pictures'' folder. Then I browse and select my double photo.

Cordele, GA(Zone 8a)

What a good idea!

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

How do you post photos from on-line services such as photobucket?

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

Ticker, I just found your question, which is over a week old. In case you haven't gotten your answer yet, please read this tutorial from Gardenwife's journal.

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks. :)

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Brugie.... I use Irfanview all the time and never noticed it does panoramas until you mentioned it. This is great. Thanks.

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