Is it OK to mention something plant related that you sell?

San Jose, CA(Zone 9a)

Not sure if this is OK or not. Is this considered advertising? I guess what I am really asking is it is OK to advertise your own products?
This may be answered in the sign up readings, I guess I just didn't read them closely enough.

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

picturelady, if you wish to sell items you have the option of setting up your own member store here at DG. If you look over to the right in the menu bar you'll see Member Stores, you can click on it and explains everything :)

San Jose, CA(Zone 9a)

Thank you flowox,
That looks great. Just the info. I was looking for.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

If you read around in the threads,you'll sort of get the hang of etiquette on selling stuff.

There are several members here who have great businesses and while no one advertizes anything,there's no harm in mentioning in the context of a conversation that you have a business and what you do.

We are all careful about being commercial,the Member Stores are for that.And it's just another perk of being a subscribed member to have access to selling your wares.

But you will find refrence to businesses here and there around the site,and Dave is most lenient in letting people discuss their businesses. We can pretty much decide for ourselves what is crossing the line. If you have doubts about's probably crossing the line.

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

you are very welcome :)

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