Journal Jan 19, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning folks! I am a broken record...rain, rain, rain. Heavy rain..Looks like we had some rain. I think I'll go to Wal-Mart today and look forward to going!! That is when you know you have cabin fever.Yesterday it was 76*, by Sunday it will be 29*. Looks like I'll will be harvesting my first crop of broccoli today. Yum! Have a great day all! Blessings, Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

good morning all,
thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Rays family. Today is another cold and dreary day here in michigan. No sunshine anywhere-forcasting flurries. I guess later i will make a town run and see whats left at franks going out of buisness sale!!
god bless you all and have a great day!

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Good Morning! It stormed all night - rain gauge shows 2" since last PM. Temp has started dropping since daylight and they are predicting sleet/snow this afternoon.

Toot the dog and I spent the stormy night alone - DH had to work last night, had some tie-in's to make. I'm a big 'fraidy cat by myself! Toot and I were trying to go to sleep and heard a scratching sound on the bedroom door - We jumped up, and I stooped down on hands and knees to look under the door and make sure it was Jake the cat (and not the boogy man) - I looked around and Toot had his little butt straight up in the air, and his little chin placed perfectly on his two front paws, attempting to do the same thing I was doing.

I got so tickled I forgot to be scared anymore, and we opened the door and let Jake in. Jake gave us that, "What's the deal, you two, it was just me!" look.

Have a blessed day,

(Zone 5a)

Good morning all,
We're moving all of the garage stuff to the farm this weekend. Seems Monday to Friday is FOREVER! We've got the two new closets built upstair and the basement is about half cleaned out. Tom built shelves down there last night for me to put my paint stuff on. It should be around 32* this weekend and we may even manage to begin cleaning out the barn. The chicks will be here on the 12th of Feb so we have to get a chick run built. Gosh, fencing is expensive. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to go to church! Talk to everyone on Monday.

southeast, NE

Good morning! Lisa - I reread my post yesterday about the nanny with the big teets - that was funny! One of the kids is very agressive - he comes up and bites me on the fingers while I'm feeding his sister. It sure cooled down last night. Wind chill is well below zero this a.m. We had three ewes that lambed this a.m. Dh said I should check the twins that were under the heat lamp when I did my check this a.m., I found triplets instead of twins. I should go to Lincoln today to do a lot of errands but am trying to come up with excuses not to. Have a good day!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning everyone. Grits, you made me laugh with the description of the dog and you looking under the door! I can just see it. And cats can act so cool and in control! Lisa, you need to go somewhere! Have a good trip to Walmart! You'll find a lot of other cabin fever types roaming around not wanting to go home quite yet. Today Hubby is getting off work early he hopes, and if he does we are going up to the next town to do some shopping at Walmart, then to a warehouse type grocery and another place or two, and have Chinese lunch. We always try to include the Chinese lunch when we go there. Our town has 2 Chinese restaurants but neither one is worth going back to. In the meantime I have about an hour's worth of animal chores to do out in the snow, and need to do an inventory of horsehold supplies and bulk foods. It is snowing lightly and 18* with a little wind, just enough to make the wind chimes do their dance. Keep warm and dry, spring IS comming.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All..have to be quick here. Same stuff..rainnnnnnnnn! This is getting old and the mud isn't making it any I just got in from feeding the crew out back and it's a slippin and a slidin' turf. This weekend I'll get to do more seed stuff. Oh, I just read in my local paper...the Phila Flower Show is allowing novices like me, and perhaps many of you guys, to enter a beginner competition for FREE! It is a new thing for the Flower Show to attract new gardeners into the show arena. I'll post more over the weekend about whom to contact. So, maybe your indoor plant can be a show stopper :)

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I tried to post much earlier but it wouldn't go thru. It was on my end not DG. Then I got busy and just got home from town and have time to set down and post.
Today's temperature is a far cry from what we had yesterday. Yesterday we were out in our shirtsleeves pulling giant rag weed, giant foxtail, the old abandoned garden area and putting it in piles to be burned. There was some wood which was dry enough to burn well so we had a nice bonfire going. Then DGS said something about weiners and marshmallows. We didn't have any, so DH went to the local conveinence store/gas station and bought weiners, buns, & marshmallows. There we were, on the 18th of January, in our shirtsleeves, having a weiner/marshmallow roast!! Closer to dark it got cold and we had to put on our coats. That area looks so much better now.
Today I got the insulation to finish insulating the inclosed front porch. It's so much colder out there now that it's made of wood and glass instead of chicken wire sandwiched between 2 layers of plastic. It was never DH's intention to insulate and put inner walls on that porch but he is changing his mind now.
I went to my family doctor for my annual visit. She won't keep me as a patient or prescribe medications for me if I don't go in at least once a year. I've been seeing specialists at the University Hospitals & Clinics for about 5 years now so don't need to see her very often. Any way, I've had a bad pain by the right shoulder blade for a long time so I had her work on my back. She said the pain was from a dislocted rib of all things. Hopefully now I'll be able to lay on my back without starting that pain.
Have a good night sleep all. Sweet dreams.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

EvaMae, I guess this means you were able to get the computer up and running correctly, eh? (Able to salvage any of you GS school work?)
Am curious what the doc did to your shoulder,or rib. Maybe you should get Hubby to massage it from time to time! (What a great reason for a back massage!)
Rainy/muddy here all day. Spent the day carrying stuff to the dump, then a pleasant visit to WalMart. Cooked some country ham for supper (a bit salty tho, maybe I should've soaked it a bit first), and now I must do some numbers/figgerin' for farm related stuff. Best to you all.

(Zone 5A)

Hello All -- just got home tonight to the farm....nothing like turning in that drive way after a looooonnnggg week in the City. Snowed in NW Illinois again today so I guess we have rain, too - just frozen. Prediction is for highs next week maybe to 30 - yippee! I've got chicken yard lust again this year....gotta get some birds. Husband and I are making a list of 'soon as it thaws' chores. Its a BIG list. Sure hate it that I can't check in on the farm forum from work. Anybody know how to do that - or do I just sign up twice??

Have a good weekend everyone.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

goodnight everyone-church for me in the morning.
have a great weekend!

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