How do I start a thread to ask a question?

Bradenton, FL(Zone 9b)

i'm a lost newbie. i have a question about a plant and i don't know how to post it or start a thread or whatever.

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Hi anomina and welcome to your new garden site.

What type of question do you want to ask? If it's a general question, I would use the Garden Talk Forum. Now if it's a periennial, use that forum.....bulb, that forum, etc. You can use any forum that could pertain to the plant.

We are a very friendly group here and we don't get mad or upset if you use the wrong forum. Someone might say to you, that you might get better answers if you use another forum and post over there.

To post a new thread, go to the forum you want to post on and do what you did on this forum to create a new thread. To keep an eye on your thread or any other one, click at the top of the page where it says to "Watch this thread". You will then have a Watched Thread notice when you come here again on your start page. Just click on it and it will take you straight to the post you are watching. You can click the Watched Thread on any of the posts that you want to keep an eye out for.

I hope I have explained this correctly. If not, I'm sure someone else will come along and help soon also.
I will click on the Watch Thread for this post and be able to answer any other questions you might have. We are a VERY friendly site and love to help others. That is what this site is all about. I hope you enjoy it here.


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Good answer(s) SoCal/Donna! I bet that helps anomina.

If not, please feel free to ask again, anomina.

Welcome to DG! And get this! (Shhh...I was born in the town you now live in! Hope all is well there!)

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

Welcome. After you have played around in the garden for a while, it will become very easy for you to get around and find what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to ask for help. There are a lot of great people here that will help in a very short time. You are going to really enjoy Daves. It is a great place to learn and to make some really good friends.


Canadaigua, NY(Zone 6b)

Ok, so I am also a newbie and would like to know how to post a thread with a pic. There are preview and send choices but how do attach? I have many questions about my house plants, a couple aren't doing so well. I think it would help if someone could see the plants. Thanks!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

hpluver, when you have a picture to attach, you can click on the "browse" button and locate the file you want to attach.

Once you've found the file and cicked on it, the filename should automatically populate in the window next to the browse button.

You'll then preview your thumbnail image (that ensures it's the right image), and assuming everything looks good, click on "submit".

studio city, CA(Zone 10a)

Where can I mailorder named varieties of prunus salicifolia(capulin cherry) and tree tomato?

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Although I've stared a new thread on this site several timews in the past, I am having trouble finding the button to open a blank. Isn't it called "Start a New Thread" or something similar. I see nothing like that either when I use Firefox or Internet Explorer, and those are the only 2 web browsers I've ever used.

This is what I see at the top:

Hello, 2QandLearn! D-Mail My Info Preferences Logout


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This is on the bottom:

[ Home | About | Advertise | Media Kit | Mission | Featured Companies | Submit an Article | Terms of Use | Tour | Rules | Privacy Policy | Contact Us ]

It says that Firefox is the best web browser to view Dave's Garden on, but the title "Dave's Garden" doesn't even show up on my Firefox browser. I can only tell there is a link there because my cursor turns into a little hand when it goes over that area, which looks blank.

I see plenty of links to view things, and the one to start a new blog, & I can post answers, but can't figure out again how to start a new thread. (Maybe it's just me missing something?)

So . . . Please . . . Can any of you tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I need to change, to be able to see the link to open a new thread? (My account is all paid up until August this year.)


---EDITED IN:---

Just now found the blank at the BOTTOM of the list of already posted threads on the Forums page, under where it says: "Starting a new topic:". IF there truly is no link at the top, I think there should be, or a brief direction given to start new threads using the blank at the bottom of the page. Some of us don't have good enough memories to recall having to scroll down to find it. I've been looking for days!

I'll have to bookmark this page to remind myself next time, I guess.

So long for now . . .

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(Zone 5a)


I too think it would be a great idea to have a Start new topic at the top of the list of threads. It makes sense, but I am able to remember it being at the bottom. At least right now. A lot of stuff falls out of my brain, but this tidbit is holding on. :D

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