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Top 10 favorites

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

My gardens are becoming more & more perennial and I'm finding I have very little space for annuals left. I do love my annuals though and there are some that I just HAVE TO grow every year (or almost every year). Lets see ... here are my top 10 "Favorites"...

1) Poppies - (maybe more for sentimental reasons than anything)
2) Petunias - I always plant petunias for baskets and containers - I love their non-stop blooming
3) Cleome - These are just easy... easy...easy
4) Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) - I love these. They're big, bright and colorful and the butterflies love them
5) Verbena bonariensis - I know this is perennial south of me but I grow it as an annual. It's just different and I like it! I don't think my butterflies would forgive me if I didn't have it
6) Lavatera - Just darn pretty!
7) Nicotiana - Have to have some of this every year in some shape, form and color
8) Datura - Unusual around here and such a beauty
9) California poppies - these re-seed like a weed but they're great for trouble spots in poor soil
10) Zinnias - I like the smaller old fashioned zinnias rather than the big fatties. Non-stop bloom and great for cutting

What are the favorites you HAVE to grow?

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