For Horseshoe (and others too!)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Horseshoe, it has been called to my attention that "WE" talk funny(?) What do you expect? We got trown (thrown) out of dat (that) Europe, paddled dat(that) bat-toe(boat) all de(the) way to Nova Scotia. Den (then) we done went and got trown (thrown) out of dare(there), den (then) we done brought ourselves right cheer(here) and done married de(the) first tings(things) we done sawed(we saw). How can WE not talk funny!!!!Mais sha! Pronounced May sha'

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

More words to help you:
*Mais--pronounced May---means: well, or yes. example:mais, you don't need one
*meenoo--pronounced me nooo--means:cat example: don pet dat meen oo!
*don--pronounced dawn--example: dawn pet dat meenoo!
*dat,dis,dem,dare--pronounced just as spelled--means:that, this, them, there. example: dat meenoo over dare ate dis and it belongs to dem! Bye, Lisa

Thanks for the lesson & happy belated birthday.

I'm told that those of us from Southern Indiana talk funny too. SO MANY words have extra sylables (sp?) Shi-it, Da-arn, Do-og gone it. I think that Southern Indiana fol-uks may have moved the state south of the Mason/Dixon line!

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Much obliged Lisa. We use some of them words here, just not the "mais" type and such. (dem, dat, dare, etc just automatically role out of many mouths) Just in this area alone there are southern accents, then the REALLY southern accents, then the ones like mine that no one seems to know where it came from. Then the black foke not only have words of their own but "speed-talking" that goes with it. A great place to be! AK, it seems people in the Southern part of any place has their own jargon, eh? I love it! What often confuses me tho is some folks make fun of those in the South because of heritage, language, differences etc...but then go to the South of France and talk it up like it is a glorious place! Hah! In the south of France are country folks, farmers, people of different heritage, language, and accents! Go figger!

southeast, NE

All I know is that when our Okie friends come to visit, I tell them to start speaking English so I can understand them. Always gets them riled up. It's hard to believe but there are some dialects in the midwest, especially the communities with strong German and Czech ancestry.

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