Member page: How can I change my homepage information?

Lamar, AR(Zone 7a)

How can you change the "osteole wants you to know"... paragraph on member pages?

I have a website I would like to list as a hyperlink, but can't seem to find the place to do it.

Osteole, click on "Preferences" in the menu, and then click on "Homepage" (the link will be in a table on the left hand side of the preferences page).


Lamar, AR(Zone 7a)

I found it this morning! Thanks for the reply

Missouri City, TX(Zone 9a)

LMK if you receive this post. Gymgirl.

Missouri City, TX(Zone 9a)

I'm trying to set up LilBabyLo's homepage and the CUSTOM BOX won't update the changes I made on the customization page. I know I disabled certain items, but they still keep showing up in the box on her homepage.



Fort Worth, TX

Help? My home page has a vertical column and a tangled horizontal column. if I need to reset my cookies please let me know

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