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Californian tree poppy (Romneya coulteri)

Rohnert Park, CA(Zone 9a)

Californian tree poppy
Romneya coulteri

Growing at Western Hills Nursey, May 30

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Santiago, Chile(Zone 4b)

I have tried diferent ways to propagate this plant but i have very poor results.Any suggestions.
Its invadig my garden and having a lot of trouble getting it out .


San Jose, CA

That is a lovely scene. Forgive my ignorance, but which one is the tree poppy?

Northern California, CA

Beautiful picture! Great looking nursery property, is it on the Peninsula?
Hi Tracey -

Obviously not my picture, but you might recognize a couple of the common names of this beautiful poppy:
“Matilija Poppy”
“Fried-Egg Flowers”

They can be invasive, I have them on the back hill. This plant now stands about 6' tall by 8' wide x 4' wide (I trim this side to keep it off the path). It has been in for a year.

They can also be difficult to get started and I've heard that about 1 in 3 plants do well. Of the three I have, one is doing great, one is so-so and one is marginal. The gophers have been after the two that aren't doing well. :-)

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Northern California, CA

And the flower w/bud

Here's a link to Annie's Annuals page:

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Rohnert Park, CA(Zone 9a)

They are the white ones seen growing in the picture.

WESTERN HILLS NURSERY...16250 Coleman Valley Rd. Occidental, CA open Thursday thru Sunday Tel.: 707-874-3731


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Rohnert Park, CA(Zone 9a)

Lilystorm, here is another shot:


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