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Saguaro, Sahuara, Giant Cactus (Carnegiea gigantea)

Valley of the Sun, AZ(Zone 9b)

Saguaro, Sahuara, Giant Cactus
Carnegiea gigantea

Thumbnail by Xenomorf
Henderson, NV(Zone 9b)

I love this one. It's so symmetrical.

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Oh xeno, how I yearn for just a baby one!!! spectacular, all my pics from trips there are old and on regular prints, sigh.. Annie

Valley of the Sun, AZ(Zone 9b)

I see zillions of these all over town but, I had to choose this one for the photo because it looked like a person with it's arms in the air.

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

LOL, I know it does! The first time we came to visit your way many years ago, I was in complete awe at these giants, they are so grand in mass,

Maricopa, AZ

this one has to be getting watered in a landscape; most in the wild are much thinner

Here is a nice pic with cactus as silhouette

Thumbnail by nogottarancho

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