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Something's eating my sanguinea!!!

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Help!!! Does anyone know what the little caterpillary things are that are going after my brugs? I squashed what I could find - they eat the green out and leave kind of a grey transparent spot. Is there anything I can use to get rid of them? Looks like they have just started.
Please help!!!

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Thanks KHT - if I Raid them is that it or do they just keep coming all summer? Are these moth caterpillars I'm looking at?
Thanks again - Liz

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Hasn't anyone else tried Volck Oil Spray? Someone, somewhere suggested it last year (had spider mites, even outdoors! which is a first for me, well, outdoors, anyway!) I used that product and it got rid of the spider mites, kept them at bay for about a month and a half, and kept all other pests away, also!


I have not tried Volck oil or neem oil, but I am hearing enough rave reviews with Brugmansia growers that I think I am going to give both of them a try.

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Brugmansia...I haven't tried the Neem oil either, but have also heard lots of great things about it. The Volck Oil works fantastically though...and it's very easy to get (if I can get it here, anyone can!) I did finally find a nursery nearby that has the Neem Oil...I may try it too. You'll be pleased with the results of the Volck Oil...I just mix it in a hand-operated mist sprayer. Kept *all* pests away from mine last year!

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