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cat litter

Hanover, PA(Zone 6a)

once upon a time there was this unemployed guy with 4 cats who had a new farmers market stand that is not turning a profit yet and was away for 4 days a week . But befor he was unemployed he found this great cat litter called "swheat scoop". but it was to expensive. then he saw this stuff next to it on the shelf made out of corn but it was even more expensive. so he got an idea, he would go the the feed store ans see if they had somethng simmiler. so he put on his shoes and got his keys and off to he went. when he got ther he told them what he wanted but they did not have any thing made from corn or wheat that was ground up and formed into pellets. what they did have was fine cracked corn and he asked how much it was. They said $7.35 for a 50# bag and he said what the heck that is not to much might as well give it a try. so he bought a bag and brought it home and bumped it into a 40 gal rubber maid storage containier. when he comes home mon. or tues. he scoops out all the used stuff. (well most anyway since it does not clump that well) and throws it into the compost pile! well that was 5 weeks ago and he is still on the same 50# bag and it has not smelled till this week when he forgot to clean it last wed. befor he left for the weekend. and they track it a bit but a broom and dust pan takes care of that

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