texans-its a daylily sale in your state!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

check out this site and know im weeeeeeeping here in mich
the deals are GREAT


Austin, TX(Zone 8a)

Think the link is http://www.ofts.com/
Not sure I am not the best at some of this computer stuff. When I tried your link took me to a email to them. Didnít see any prices though, just beautiful pictures.

Love the home page. What do I mean, love all the pages. LOL


Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

ooooooooooopzzy-thank you! i posted in the daylily forum earlier Id better go check that---hmmm that one works!
well thanks for posting the right one!
Oh and welcome to daves! :)

Im dori :)

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