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List of Datura Species

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

I compiled this list last year. I thought you might like to see it.

The following was taken directly from the book by Ulrike and Hans-Georg Preissel, Brugmansia and Datura, Angel's Trumpets and Thorn Apples and credit should be given to them for this information.

Datura stramonium (funnel-shaped small flowers with five sharp peaks; flowers are white- to creamy-colored or violet)
Datura stramonium var stramonium
Datura stramonium var stramonium f. stramonium
Datura stramonium var stramonium f. labilis
Datura stramonium var inermis
Datura stramonium var tatula
Datura stramonium var tatula f. tatula (has violet coloring in the center of the flower corolla)
Datura stramonium var tatula f. bernhardii
Datura stramonium var godronii

Datura ferox (five-peak small 2- to 2 1/2-inch flower of yellowish white; the flower usually does not open completely)

Datura quercifolia (oak-like foliage leaves; unremarkable small violet flowers with five short peaks; the flowers do not open completely)

Datura inoxia (flowers measure four inches across, are funnel-shaped, and are pure white; greenish veins end in five longer peaks)

Datura wrightii (flowers measure five inches across and are five to nine inches long; the upper section is usually violet to pale violet and have five peaks)

Datura ceratocaula (10-peak flower with inner sides of white to violet-pink and outersides have a bluish coloring.)

Datura discolor (One of the largest of the datura flowers; ten-peak flower with white upper section and a dark ring-shaped color of pale to dark violet in the center)

Datura metel (flowers are white or yellow or violet to red; fruits have conical humps)
Datura metel var metel (flowers are simple, white and double)
Datura metel var muricata (white flowers)
Datura metel var chlorantha (yellow flowers)
Datura metel var rubra (single flowers)
Datura metel var rubra f. rubra (single violet flowers)
Datura metel var rubra f. sanguinea (single red flowers)
Datura metel var obscura (flowers are single, violet or red)
Datura metel var obscura f. obscura (single violet)
Datura metel var obscura f. atropurpurea (single red)
Datura metel var fastuosa (outer portion of flowers are violet or red; inner portion is white)
Datura metel var fastuosa f. fastuosa (outer portion of flowers is violet)
Datura metel var fastuosa f. malabarica (outer portion is red)

Datura leichhardtii (ten-peaked small inconspicuous yellowish white flower, which do not open completely)
Datura leichhardtii ssp. pruninosa
Datura leichhardtii ssp. leichhardtii

Classification Key:
sec. = sectio, section
ssp. = sub-species
var = varietas, variety
f. = forma, form

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