I could never do this alone!!!

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Ralph went to the farmers' market this morning, he is still there. At 8:00 a.m. I got a call from the Post Office that they had some chicks there. (we expected them yesterday). I have no car as he took it to the market, so I have to call around to see if someone can go and get them.

Let me back up a tad....a few days ago, we got a call from our chicken supplier, good people at Ridgeway Hatcheries in Larue, OH. He knows we are going to be ordering turkeys in a few weeks, but he has some extra this week he has to find a home for. He said 50 at a very reasonable price and no shipping. :) Of course, we jump at it. He says he has a few stragglers he'll throw in....

Rest of the story........154 turkeys arrived!!!!! Ralph usually does this part of it, so.....he tells me what to do...he has not put up a partition for these guys yet, but just let them run in the greenhouse until he gets home. Sounds easy enough. Fill their waterers, give them some feed. Oh aren't they cute!!!!!!! Famous last words.

I go into the house and let him know they're watered, fed, running around...happy as can be. Then I have to go and water the plants that are still out in the greenhouse. I'm thinking I'll get a picture of these buggers and post on DG. I go out with my camera in hand and there is only about 12 turkeys in the greenhouse. What?!!!!!! I look around and this is what I saw...........

About 135 turkeys running all over the yard, in the barn, in with the pigs.....our hens trying to get in the greenhouse thinking they are their babies.....chicks following hens all around thinking "Are you my Mother?", roosters standing there apparently thinking.....what the heck is this?!!! and two dogs watching very patiently with their tongues hanging out. Did I fail to mention that the cows had their heads over the fence to check out the situation as well?

Well, I ran around and collected (in my T-shirt, not my DG one though :) ) most of the turkeys, put them back in....didn't get a picture. Went in to find out how much longer Ralph was going to be at the market...went back in to water the plants and don't you know that the turkeys are hiding under the leaves and wouldn't get up for me to water the plants. I'm exhausted and I now know I could never do this alone!!! But I did get a picture of a few of them and here it is:


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