Hard to believe how time has flown, but the16th DG annual photo contest has begun! Find the details here. Best wishes to all the entrants!!!

Too hot to be outside.

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Used left-over 1 by boards. Ripped to square. Timbers for model. Whatsit?

Thumbnail by Frankay
Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

Done for today. 5 lbs of lead will be added.

Thumbnail by Frankay
Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

More hints? I aced Medieval history.If this model was real people would be 4 inches high. It is in the class of siege engines. It's still missing a major part.

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

Could this be the frame of a Catapult?

Hope Valley, RI(Zone 6b)

It looks like a Trebuchet. The swing arm is missing though.


My DH is a Medieval history/weapons nut.

Northport, ME(Zone 5b)

sbragonier, you got it. I'm working more towards a functional model than Something that just works. The design is from a wood cut on the internet. It's 3 ft. long. The rest is by eye from the drawing.Haven't figured out the arm or the pivot yet. The counterweight will be 5-7 lbs of lead. Boxed in with wood. The projectile will be a marble or a 1/2" Diam. Lead ball. .50 cal. (May be illegal soon) There is a real trebuchet in England that launches pianos and mini-coopers. Ain't Physics grand?

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