Snowball bush cuttings

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

I'm new here and an amateur gardener. I was hoping to find out how difficult it would be to start some snowball bushes from cuttings ??? Should I wait and do this at a certain time of year.... like early spring or late fall?? I guess I could start them inside in a pot of soil and put them in the ground in the spring .....assuming they root for me. I have hormone powder and am hoping that will help.

Any advice would be appreciated on this subject

I have to get me nerve up to get the cuttings as it I found a very nice bush at an old cemetary in the next town. Every time I drive by I can feel my fingers, but I keep thinking my God I'll be arrested for defacing public property or something. I may chicken, but if not want to be prepared so my cuttings will live.

Thanks for the info... Julie =0)

Zion, IL(Zone 5a)

Go for it Julie! If it's a "bush" there's plenty to go around and nothing ventured, nothing gained. You should be able to take a couple of branches from inconspicuous areas and have enough cuttings to experiment, inside/outside/inground and in water. :)

Also you could search / ask over in the propagation forum but I'd imagine this bush is fairly easy.

Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

I have taken cuttings from bushes in a few cemetarys..... shhhhh There are a few things to keep in notice, just go in like you own the place, take a very small piece with hard and soft wood... second know the name of someone in there! If I am asked I say I am here to visit a grave of so-and-so they assume you are taking a small piece for a memory. I have only taken two plants and they both made it.

Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Thankyou both for your replies. I don't feel quite as guilty for the thought of taking a sample cutting or two from the cemetary. I'll let you know how it goes..... if they arrest me it will be in the local paper everything is in a small

Good advice on the "visiting/momento" idea. I will have to scope it out more. The bush is along a pathway in the middle of the cemetary. I'll have to see "who" is nearby.

Happy 4th of July

~Julie =0)

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