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Rice-Paper Tree (Tetrapanax papyriferus)

Belleville , IL(Zone 6b)

Rice-Paper Tree
Tetrapanax papyriferus

This is another pic of the steroidal, it does not sucker as much as my regular one.

Thumbnail by Windy
Alexandria, VA(Zone 7a)

Is it planted in Full Sun in the middle of your yard?
Im in Zone 7 and plan on purchasing one, Was not sure to plant it in a bed or as a specimen like yours. It looks nice like that.

Belleville , IL(Zone 6b)

I have had it next to the house and also in the middle of the yard. I now live in a different zone and do not grow it anymore. I remember that it suckered and one of the reasons that I planted it in the middle of the yard was so I could mow down any plants that I didn't want. I did love this plant and miss it.
It grew in partial shade as well as full sun also.

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