Our annual end-of-summer contest is here, come on down to the Dave's Garden County Fair!

Amazon Water Lily, Royal Waterlily (Victoria amazonica)

Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

Amazon Water Lily, Royal Waterlily
Victoria amazonica

Royal Water-Platter (Victoria amazonica) at Longwood Gardens, July 2005

Thumbnail by tcfromky
Shepherd, TX(Zone 8b)

I have always wanted one of these! I have promised myself that when I have a pond, I'm going to put some of these in it. I can almost see someone trying to use one of those big pads as a boat. You think bullfrogs would like them? ;-)

Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

If I was a bullfrog, I would. ;~)

With my luck, I'd probably be gigged the first night out sittin on it. ;~o

I watched an episode of Rebecca's Garden on HGTV and she was in a pond somewhere foolin with these things. Someone told me she filmed that episode at Longwood Gardens. I don't know if that's true or not.

Shepherd, TX(Zone 8b)


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