How is your shop set up?

McKinney, TX(Zone 7b)

Since I've only been doing glass since last January, I've been going to my sisters home to work on my glass projects. I'm in the process of getting my own shop area together in my garage, but it's a slow process. It'd be no big deal, but my sis is 40 miles away (I'm not getting many projects done due to the price of gas) and she's looking to move to the beach (where her hubby is already working).

Anywho...I've claimed a good section my 2 car garage (I have only 1 car, so can easily give up part of the space) for my glass. From brainstorming with the owner of my favorite glass shop, I have built a glass storage unit. It's on casters so it can easily be moved around. But since my house is still fairly new (I had it built in 2001) & it didn't come with any cabinets in the garage like you see in older homes. I'm planning a work surface that will be 5'x3'. I'm going to reuse some cubes from some modular furniture I already had, I'm going to connect them & again, put them on casters and use it for storage (it was one of those cubit computer desks & I upgraded to a nice wood corner computer desk).

I already used four of the cubes (each is 14" square basically) and have plans to put my kiln on it (its a small AIM kiln that can be used for small fusing jobs & annealing beads).

A question for y'all - is it necessary to use homosote for the work surface or is good 'ole plywood okay? My sister looked at me like I was nuts when I mentioned homosote. I'll need something as a surface that will be on top of the MDF, so what would you use?

Oh, here's the glass storage unit I built. The unit is finished & the spaces for glass a 4" apart. There is a larger area in the middle that I'm going to have cut pvc to store stringers & rods in.

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