Anyone know how to make seed embedded paper, fancy and cute?

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I love this idea and need help trouble shooting, I know that I can do it up grand if someone would kindly push me in the right direction.

It does not have to be just like this. The flowers can be molded or flat, whatever. I'm thinking make paper however you tell me to, embed it with seeds, make flowers however you tell me to and then paint with watercolor.

My daughter is getting married in the summer and these would be the best possible favors for her shower because she is an environmental major and crazy for flowers.

I never made paper before but I have seen homemade paper embedded with flower seeds. I really want to do this and need your help, please, please, please.

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Branka - I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you wanting to make the paper tags that have the poem written on them?


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Branka ~ I found the following link the other day and it might be of help to you, although I haven't tried it. I did a search for it after I talked to someone who makes paper from iris leaves. For some reason I can't get the entire link to show up so.....after the .com, type /paper-pg1.html Hope this works for you. Judy

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seed imbedded paper? Do you cover the paper with soil and water and the flowers grow? Recycling the paper this way is a great idea! The paper breaks down and composts! did you figure out how to do this?

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I would like to know, also. Is there a way you could imbed the seeds into paper you're making without getting the seeds wet? (and risk germination)

Could you possibly just trap the seeds between two sheets of tissue-type paper? But then how would you keep them spaced apart?


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I have seen for sale a circle of very thin paper with flower seeds attached to it. You place the paper circle on the surface of the soil in a pot and water it. The seeds sprout and the paper ultimately disintegrates. Is that similar to what you had in mind?

A Google search for "how do you make your own seed tape" led to the following instructions:

In a small saucepan mix together 1 tbsp cornstarch and 1 cup water. Stir it while you bring it to a boil and then turn off the heat. Let cool. This is the "glue" used to attach seeds to paper.

Put some of the mixture in a zip lock bag and cut off one corner. Place small drops on paper (they used newspaper) at the proper spacing for your chosen seeds and adhere a seed to each drop. Let dry at least two hours. Store in a cool, dry place. To plant, lay paper in furrow and cover with soil, then water it.

(Sorry, I don't know how to include a link to the actual directions.) I guess the small amount of cornstarch paste doesn't germinate the seed. Of course if you were making a gift you would want to use nicer paper, but make sure its biodegradable.

In a "comment" to these directions, a reader responded that she simply used a gluestick to adhere seeds to tissue paper (in the proper spacing) and then folded the tissue paper over onto itself and glued it along the edges, trapping the seeds between the two halves.


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You know what would be cute? Start with 2 different sized flower paper punches (i.e., Whale of A Punch is at your local scrapbook store), or print two sizes of flower shapes and cut them out. After you have punched or printed out a bunch of flowers on 2 different colors of CARDstock paper. Adhere the smaller flower to the top of the larger one. Adhere this to a painted shishkabob stick and stick it into a terra cotta vase (or paint plastic cups in terra cotta color) with floral foam. You could buy or make your own color matching decorated seed packages into the vase, or tie it to the stick with ribbon. You could even go so far as to cut out some green leaves and adhere those to the "stem" of your flower. Short of making it the same way as on your link, I can't think of any other suggestions.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you end up making!!!


Knox, IN

I am trying to do something similair for a birthday party in April. Check out this link...the directions seem pretty easy.

hope this helps!

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About a year ago I found a package in Target of 8x8 handmade acid free paper from DMD. I love this paper with the texture and leaves in it. Each sheet is a little different even with the same color. Over Christmas I found the same package again in Target. If your doing an outdoor LO this would be a great addition to your project.

I've included a LO of a head shot of a bull who has more wins in the Lowline Angus Breed then any other bull. We were taking him from Navasota, TX back to Loveland, CO when we went to pick up one of our bulls and heifers. We are expecting calves from the bull in the LO this Spring and this fall. The LO is using one of the papers from this pack.


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Here's a link for actual paper-making with the seeds embedded - looks kind of complicated but very authentic:
Good luck!! I've seen wedding favors from the commercial companies that are very, very beautiful! Yours should be great -

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