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Advice Please

Waaaay Down South, GA

I have a bunch of those Jiffy greenhouses and am wondering if I can winter sow in them. I don't have anymore room for containers sitting around in the house. Would this work if I cut holes and use the same technique? Thanks.
... Elaine

Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

It probably would Elaine - as long as it's deep enough for several inches of soil.

Waaaay Down South, GA

Well, actually ... they have those little peat pots already in them. That's why I was wondering if you could use the WS technique with them. I'd like to just stick them outside like the rest. Didn't know if anyone else had done this.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I think it would work fine! Peat pots tend to dry out easily for me, so you might want to consider adding some polymer moisture crystals to your WS mix. I think using those crystals is why I had reasonable luck in my salad container seed trays for WS... only an inch or two of soil, but the crystals helped keep it moist.

Waaaay Down South, GA

Thanks! I'll give it a try. Can't hurt. Might learn something new.
... Elaine

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