Butter for Hands and Body - really bad dry skin

Denver, CO

I have really dry skin from washing hands to working with wood to working in dirt. Really bad hands that crack and get sore. I use No-Crack from Restoration Hardware and am almost out. Any homemade products one can whip together that are tried and true from experience?

I have heard of body butters......

PS...I drink more than enough water so that is not the problem....

Also...I read that you should use a preservative for these types of things...to guard against microbes or something. Is that true? Are there "natural" preservatives that work?

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Buffalo, NY

Hi tucker,
Do you want to make body butter or do you want to buy some?
Body butter is not very hard to make. You need to have the supplies. If you are interested I can share the how to with you. Just let me know. Also I would think a salve or balm along with hand made soap would help as well.

Denver, CO

Thanks, I would like to learn to make something. Maybe butter is not the right term, I do not know. But something to help with the cracking on my fingers would help!! It seems the slightest amount of work in the dirt sucks the moisture from my hands.

Utica, MI(Zone 6b)

me too....tucker......I could use a little advice on the subject too.......I never thought of making my own......I could take out stock in eucerin with all I have bought this year........LOL......

Buffalo, NY

You would need to get some shea butter, beeswax, vitamin e, and olive oil. If you are making this salve for your personal use you do not need a preservative. You are not using any water in this product. if you don't have water there is nothing for the microbes to feed on. if you sell products i would recommend using a preservative to ensure no will get infected by the off chance they introduce microbes into the product.
You need jars to put the product in. You need to measure everything therefore, you need a scale. A digital scale is best. I bought my first scale at walmart. When i began to make lotions and stuff i bought a iweigh scale to measure smaller amounts. I would suggest the following suppliers to purchase supplies: A garden of wisdom, herbal soaps by RJ, oils by nature.
Well thats where we need to start. Let me know once you have your supplies and we can go from there.

Utica, MI(Zone 6b)

can you buy all of these things at the health food store too? or do you have to order them? thank you.

Denver, CO

Got the scale (digital), got the shea butter (in preparation for soaps), got the olive oil, got the beeswax (have some for candle making from ebay)....need to get the Vitamin E (and dang, I saw it at the health food store today).

House.....I am not sure about all that but some ebay sellers have a good deal on beeswax per pound (some offer one shipping rate no matter how much you buy). You probably do not need alot for this (???) but it is nice for candles. I also knew a co-worker and he was a beekeeper so I got wax from him.

PS...I grew up in warren mi!

Utica, MI(Zone 6b)

small world tucker!! thanks

Buffalo, NY

you're doing great Tucker. Make sure you don't get the acetate vit e. get the the tocophols(sp) pills.
the formula would be:
1/3 shea butter
1/3 beeswax
1/3 olive oil

melt shea butter and beeswax.
add to the olive oil.
Mix with stick blender or mixer.
add vit e 5-10 capsuls, mix
pour into jars and let is set up.
If you want this fragranced use a skin safe fragrance oil
Because you are having trouble with cracking i would add tea tree oil or lavender essential oil at no more than 1% of your formula. Add them after mixture has cooled as to not burn off the oils.
this will be a balm/salve consistancy. Meaning it will be quite firm, therefore providing good cover for your hands.
Try it out and let me know what you think. I'll be checking back in soon so if you have any questions let me know.

Denver, CO

Ironically enough, I bought tea tree oil yesterday! I will get the E this week and make it next weekend and let you know.

Headland, AL(Zone 8a)

Have you tried the products by Burt's Bees....or the Udder Balm which was devised for cow's udders which get very chapped. I haven't tried Burt's Bees, but I understand the products are great. However, when I was nursing my son, I bought some udderbalm becaue my breasts got very chapped from nursing and I had read that this was THE best thing to use..better even than the stuff the doctor had given me...and it worked! Now I buy it for chapped hands and dry skin. I've bought it at Walmart and I've bought it at my local drugstore.

Denver, CO

I do use the Burts Lip Balm....the best stuff I have ever bought!

Renton, WA(Zone 7a)

My dh makes a wonderful salve with comfrey and aloe that works great on dry skin, if you e-mail me I will share his recipe, it works great. Carol

Hayward, CA

Hi I am making body butter for the first time. I know that I am supposed to use part vegetable butter, part carrier oil and vitamin E. Oh yea, beeswax too, right? How much? I know that I don't NEED a perservative because I am not using water, but I DO want to use a perservative. What do you suggest? Stearic acid, or Borax(citric acid), and how much? I heard that glycerin is good as well. Is it?

Cleveland, OH

Hi, I have made a dry hand cream that is really good! If you would like to know the recipe, let me know.

Burien, WA(Zone 7b)

I am curious about the dry hand cream because my hands usually feel oily after using regular creams or lotions. Thanks.

Plano, TX

i like the udder cream too--called "bag balm" in a green square can--but it is very greasy--i also like shea butter by itself -also greasy--both seem to be good for extra dry skin---

Renton, WA(Zone 7a)

My dh uses apricot kernel oil instead of olive oil. makes real nice salve.

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