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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 9b)

This is something like crafts and something like decorating. A former fellow-classmate of my husband's (in medical school) and his wife-who-is-his-office-manager recently relocated their office to a building that was build in the early 1930's. The building is being restored, and they jumped on the boat: they decorated in the theme of Los Angeles-1930's. When they called to invite us to the openhouse, I thought, "Why not give them something classier (and longer lasting) than a bottle of wine?"

My next thought was, "What the heck is LA-'30's???" Well, thank heaven for the Internet! -- Los Angeles in the 1930's was ArtDeco, specifically 'Skyscraper Deco' -- despite the fact that LA had no skyscrapers until the 50's -- and the first big flush of Hollywood and the talkies.

So with 14 days and counting, I hit eBay and Michael's big time and, voila, I was quite pleased with the shadowbox I was able to produce.

Here, all-but-done (before putting behind the glass):

Thumbnail by crystalspin
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